Conservation Success Stories: Part 1

Cover - Conserving Critters

We came mighty close to losing these animals forever. Whew! Thanks to the hard work of Texans and others who cared, we call these "conservation success stories." But the work's not over yet...some of these Texas critters still need our help.

White-tailed Deer

White-tailed Deer
Success Scoop:

In the early-1900s, over-hunting nearly wiped out white-tailed deer, but Texas now has more of these mammals than any other state in the U.S. – about 4 million! Conservationists got so serious about saving this Texas species in the 1930s that you'll now spot these bounding beauties statewide.

Picture of a whitetail deer fawn

Photo credit: Texas Parks and Wildlife Department

Science Scoop:
  • Only males (called "bucks") have antlers.
  • Bucks shed their antlers every year between February and April then grow a new set for fall.
  • Baby deer (called "fawns") have no odor. That protects them from hungry predators.


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