Vocabulary: Definitions and context

Cover - Conserving Critters
Conservation: Wise use of resources
Context: Thanks to conservation, American alligators are no longer on the endangered species list.
Conservationist: someone who works to conserve nature
Context: Anyone can be a conservationist, even you!
Conserve: to use things wisely
Context: When we thought we might lose eastern turkey's we began to work hard to conserve them.
Endangered: Species of plants and animals in danger of becoming extinct
Context: Whooping cranes are still an endangered species.
Extinct: when a species has died out and is gone forever
Context: Whooping cranes almost went extinct. There were only 16 left when we started to conserve them!
Habitat: the special place a plant or animal must live
Context: The biggest habitat for the Houston toad is in the Lost Pines of Bastrop State Park.
Land steward: someone who takes good care of the land
Context: Texans have been such good land stewards that we now have over 4 million white-tailed deer!
Population: the total number of something that still lives
Context: The population of white-tailed deer in Texas is bigger than any other state in the country!
Species of Concern: An animal or plant species we're still worried about
Context: Even when an animal seems to be doing well it still might be a species of concern.
Species: a type of plant or animal
Context: Eastern browns are the only species of pelicans that dive head first into the water for fish.
Threatened: Species of plants and animals close to being endangered
Context: Peregrine falcons used to be endangered, but now are considered threatened.