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Cover-Desert Dwellers

TPW Magazine, August 2010
Desert Dwellers (pdf).

Desert Dwellers!

This issue looks at the fascinating world of the Chihuahuan Desert and how plants and animals are adapted to survive there.


Language Arts:
4.2 A, B:  Reading/Vocabulary development
Social Studies:
4.6 A,B  Geography. Use geographic tools: maps
4.7 B: Geography: Ecoregions of Texas
4.10 A:  Organisms and environments: Adaptations enable survival

Discussion Questions

What is a xerocole?

How do xerocoles get water?

Where is the Chihuahuan Desert?

Are there mammals, birds, reptiles, plants and insects in the desert? Can you give examples of each?

Which adaptation surprised you?

What has adaptations on the outside of its body that helps it survive in the desert?

What has adaptations inside its body to help it survive in the desert?


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