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Every Drop Counts

because wildlife needs water, too!


If you don't have a copy of the TPW magazine, you may print a copy of Every Drop Counts (pdf).

What's the big deal about water?

1. We depend on water.
Every living things needs water. Plants, animals, fish, people and even bugs need water! We all need water to drink. Some need water for homes. Water plays a role in almost everything you do, including inside you!


2. We all have to share!


Earth is like a giant spaceship with a supply of water. We do not get water from space. Instead, Earth has a supply of water it recycles. Rain fills our streams and rivers. Some water flows underground. Some water evaporates. The evaporated water makes clouds, and then it rains again. This is called the water cycle.
All living things on Earth share this water. On a hot summer day, did you ever stop to think where wildlife gets its water? Wildlife depends on water in streams, puddles and playas (pools of water in prairies). If that's not available, wildlife looks for water sources around people.



3. Water depends on us!
We must take care of our water supply. Texas has 15 major rivers, lots of streams and a beautiful coast along the Gulf of Mexico. If we don't waste water, there will be enough water to fill our streams, rivers and lakes. If we don't pollute our water, there will be clean water for people and wildlife.

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