What Killed Freddy the Fish? Cover-Freddie the Fish

a scientist who studies living things
Context: Greg Conley is a pollution biologist with the TPWD Kills and Spills Team (K.A.S.T.).
when water wears away dirt or rocks
Context: It usually takes a long time for erosion to occur.
things we put on our lawns and flowers to help them grow better
Context: When runoff washes fertilizer into the water, plants there grow too fast and use oxygen fish need for breathing.
something inside the ear of a fish that helps scientists figure out how old the fish is
Context: Scientists like Greg Southard count the rings on the otolith to determine a fish’s age.
when you use science to solve crimes
Context: Sergeant Joe Bostick uses forensics to solve environmental crimes in Texas.
Illegal discharge:
when factories put stuff into the water that they're not supposed to
Context: When factories release illegal discharge into the water it can make fish and people really sick!
Illegal dumping:
breaking the law by dumping something into the water
Context: When people change the oil in their car and throw away or discard the used oil into the water, that’s illegal dumping!
Indicator species:
animals that give scientists the first clue that the water is polluted
Context: Clams make good indicator species because they filter water as it flows by.
Nonpoint source pollution:
pollution that gets carried into the water by runoff
Context: Pesticides brought into streams by runoff give an example of nonpoint source pollution.
chemicals used to kill insects
Context: Too many pesticides in the water can kill other things besides bugs – like fish!
chemicals used to kill plants
Context: When runoff brings herbicides into the water it can kill the plants and animals that live there.
when the water quality gets worse because of something humans did
Context: There are two types of pollution: nonpoint source and source.
rainwater that falls somewhere else first before it runs into a creek or stream
Context: Runoff that comes from the street usually brings motor oil with it into the stream.
Source pollution:
pollution put into the water on purpose
Context: Trash thrown into the water is an example of source pollution.
Storm drains:
drains in the street for carrying off extra water
Context: The water from storm drains leads straight to our streams and creeks.
what happens when something can't breathe
Context: When a fish swallows a plastic bag, it experiences suffocation.