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Cover-Hanging Around with Bats

Hanging Around With Bats

TPW Magazine, October 2008


If your school goes batty for Halloween, how about taking the opportunity to learn the real story of bats? Often misunderstood, bats benefit farmers and play a key role in our ecosystem. Be sure to check out the videos about a blind teenage who uses echolocation to get around his neighborhood!

Print "Hanging Around with Bats"
You may print and distribute this pdf of the article for classroom use.

Student Page
This web page is for your students, with links to a downloadable book, video clips and related web sites to guide students' research on bats.

Background for Teachers
Learn more about bats.

Vocabulary - definitions and context
These definitions include a context sentence to aid understanding.

Activities and Lesson Plans
From discussion questions to fun Project WILD activities, try these supplements to your curriculum to engage students.

Ideas from Our Naturalists
Bat specialist and naturalist at Old Tunnel Wildlife Management Area Nyta Hensley shares one of her favorite bat games!

Research and Further Reading
Hypothesis and investigation -- Bats are the subject of many studies, including echolocation, aerodynamics and bat communication. Learn about a blind teenage who uses echolocation to get around his neighborhood!

Bat Presentations for Schools and Organizations
Schedule a visit for your school from our bat biologist! Contact Nyta Hensley by email for more information and scheduling opportunities (Programs dates and times are subject to biologist/volunteer availability).