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Cover-Honor Roll

TPW Magazine, March 2010
If you don't have a copy of the TPW magazine, you may print a copy of Honor Roll: Texas Symbols (pdf).

Honor Roll: Texas Symbols
TPW Magazine, March 2010

As a companion to Texas Independence Day, March 2, or anytime you want to celebrate Texas, this issue will provide a fun introduction to Texas symbols.

We focus on wildlife-related symbols. You may consider looking at characteristics of groups. What defines membership to a group? What makes something a good representative or symbol of that group? What story, moment in history, or characteristic does that symbol convey?

Another interesting part of this issue is the influence of children. In 2009, the Texas legislature named the Texas Toad as the state amphibian after a campaign by students at Danbury Elementary school. There are lots of ideas for taking a positive role in your community to learn about and help wildlife.