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Project WILD Activities

Cover-Honor Roll

TPW Magazine, March 2010
If you don't have a copy of the TPW magazine, you may print a copy of Honor Roll: Texas Symbols (pdf).

Honor Roll: Texas Symbols

Activities are available through our Project WILD workshops.

Some of these activities are not designated for 4th grade, but modifications can be made to adjust them to grade level.

Animal Charades – Students use charades to depict wild and domestic animals. Upon completion, students define wildlife and distinguish the difference between domesticated, wild and tame animals. Requires chalkboard for use by scorekeeper, small pieces.

What's Wild? – Students find and classify pictures of wild and domesticated animals, and construct collages. Upon completion students distinguish between wildlife and domesticated animals; and recognize that wildlife occurs in a variety of forms. Requires magazines with pictures of a wide variety of animals; poster board or heavy construction paper; glue.

Wildlife in National Symbols – Students research national symbols and make posters to depict their findings. Upon completion students identify wildlife used in national symbols; and hypothesize reasons wildlife are used in this way. Requires access to reference materials; poster making materials.

Wildlife on Coins and Stamps – Students use reference materials to study portrayal of wildlife in coins and stamps. Upon completion students describe coins and stamps as examples of ways that people have used symbols to represent values of wildlife. Requires reference materials.