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Student Research - Answers for Spike's Activity Page

Cover-Leave it to Leaves

Wild Math Answers:

A healthy, grown tree can have about 200,000 leaves. That’s a lot of photosynthesis going on!

What form is this number written in?

STANDARD – Remember! "Standard form" is just a fancy way of saying "Number form."

Write this number in word form:


A healthy, grown tree will shed about 3,600 pounds of leaves in its lifetime and return lots of nutrients to the soil. That’s more than a car weighs! Round this number to the nearest thousand: 4,000 - Wow! Those leaves weigh about as much as 7 motorcycles!

If the veins from one elm leaf were put end on end they would measure 700 feet long!

Round this number to the nearest thousand: 1,000 - That would be like putting about 50 cars in a row. Amazing...that's how long the veins are in a single leaf!

Sycamore Leaf

Copyright 2010, Jeff Parker
Check out the veins in this sycamore leaf!