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Student Research - Losing Leaves & Keeping Leaves

Cover-Leave it to LeavesDeciduous Plants

Check out this pecan tree!

Pecan Tree - Deciduous

From Vauhn Oliver, webmaster and member of the Sons of the Republic of Texas, We appreciate the work done by Texas Parks and Wildlife Department and the Texas teachers.


Deciduous (dee-SID-you-us) plants such as this pecan tree lose their leaves in the winter because the sun does not shine as much. Plants don’t waste energy taking care of leaves they won’t be using so they shed them. Don’t worry! New leaves sprout in the spring when the sun shines more and plants use them again to do photosynthesis.

FUN FACT: The pecan tree is the official tree of Texas!

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Evergreen Plants

Check out this loblolly tree!

Loblolly Needles - Heather Hollis USFWS

Loblolly pine needles are leaves, too! Picture from Heather Hollis, USFWS.

Evergreens like loblolly pines do not lose their leaves in the winter because a waxy coating protects them. They also have a special liquid inside that helps keep their leaves from freezing.

FUN FACT: Did you know that what we call a “pine needle” is really a leaf? And all those brown pine needles under evergreens didn’t fall off because of winter. They fell off so new, healthier leaves could take their place.



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