Suggested Project WILD Activities

Mysterious Monarchs

Activities are available through our Project WILD workshops.

Animal Poetry – Students go outside, imagine themselves as animals and then write poems. Upon completion students recognize and experience the inspirational value of wildlife. Requires writing materials.

Improving Wildlife Habitat in the Community – Students design and accomplish a project to improve wildlife habitat in their community. Upon completion students apply their knowledge of wildlife by describing essential components of habitat in an arrangement appropriate for the wildlife they identify; and evaluate compatible and incompatible uses of an area by people and specified kinds of wildlife. Requires writing and drawing materials; poster or butcher paper; or model making materials like plaster of Paris, clay small replicas of animals, etc.

Migration Headache – Students portray migrating water birds traveling between nesting habitats and wintering grounds. Students list limiting factors affecting habitats and populations of migrating water birds; predict the effects of such limiting factors; describe the effects of habitat loss and degradation; and make inferences about the importance of suitable habitat.

Museum Search for Wildlife – Students visit a museum, nature center or other source of artifacts - or they use reference books to find examples of how wildlife is presented in cultural art forms. Upon completion students identify wildlife portrayed in an art form; and generalize that wildlife has sufficient aesthetic and spiritual value to inspire art. Requires copies of Museum Search For Wildlife Chart; if done as field trip no other materials are necessary; if done in classroom various art books or slides featuring wildlife are needed.

Wildlife is Everywhere! – Students search their environment for evidence of wildlife. Upon completion students state that humans and wildlife share environments; and generalize that wildlife is present in areas all over the earth. Requires no materials. String is optional.