Several Texas State Parks are closed due to Tropical Storm Harvey. See state park alerts.

Student Research Pages - Stargazing in State Parks

Hobby Eberly

Isn't the Hobby-Eberly Telescope awesome?!
(Used by permission of The University of Texas McDonald Observatory.)

These Texas State Parks offer super chances to see super stars!

Davis Mountains State Park

Camp close to the world-famous McDonald Observatory, home to the amazing Hobby-Eberly telescope!


Hobby Eberly Interior

Image used under terms of Creative Commons.
Photo by Zereshk.

Big Bend Ranch State Park

Big Bend Ranch State Park offers some mighty fun rock climbing during the daytime! copyright 2007,

Big Bend Ranch State Park:

Stay and stargaze in west Texas, the darkest place in the continental U.S. Remember what "continental U.S." means? That's the part of the United States where the states are attached to each other. The continental U.S. includes all the states except Alaska and Hawaii. That equals 48 of our 50 states.


Starwheel Summer

Star Wheel

Purtis Creek State Park:

Make a star wheel and learn how to use it at this east Texas park.

Telescope - 02

It's so much fun to look through a telescope!
Photo by Gabrielle Conley
Copyright, 2011

 Copper Breaks State Park:

North Texas near the Panhandle has dark night skies that make for extra special star staring!

Remember where the Panhandle of Texas is? It's the part of our state that looks like the handle of a pan.

Brazos Bend Park:
Alligator at Brazos Bend

See the largest reptile in North America during the day ...

See alligators during the day and outer space through the telescopes of George Observatory at night!


... experience the George Observatory at night!  (Copyright Houston Museum of Natural Science.)


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