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Student Research Pages - What Makes Weather? - Temperature

What Makes Weather? - TemperatureCover_Weather_Watch

Since Texas lies pretty close to the equator, our temperatures tend to be warmer than many other places in the United States.

Temperature tells us how hot or how cold the air is.

Measuring Temperature:

We use thermometers with the metric system (Celsius degrees) or the customary system (Fahrenheit degrees) to measure temperature.

Celsius vs. Fahrenheit

Temperature can be measured using either Celsius degrees or Fahrenheit.

Celsius Fahrenheit
System of Measurement Metric Customary
Water freezes at ... 0 degrees 32 degrees
Water boils at ... 100 degrees 212 degrees
Where it's used ... All over the world USA and a few other countries
Activity!!  Which System? 

With your partner come up with some good tricks to help you remember to which system CELSIUS belongs and to which system FAHRENHEIT belongs. Then share your tricks with the class.

***Celsius uses the METRIC system
*** Fahrenheit uses CUSTOMARY system
Can You Change Celsius to Fahrenheit?

Yep! And you can even convert a temperature from Fahrenheit to Celsius. But it’s complicated so a great website like this one comes in handy!


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