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Air molecules:
tiny invisible particles that always fill the air
Context: When air molecules bump into each other they create air pressure.
Air pressure:
what gets created when air molecules bump into each other
Context: Air pressure has a lot to do with making weather!
an instrument used to measure how fast the wind blows
Context: When Hurricane Rita came to Texas in 2005 the anemometer measured the wind speed at 120 miles per hour!
what’s between us and outer space
Context: The atmosphere has five layers. The closest one is the troposphere.
the instrument used to measure air pressure
Context: We use a barometer to tell us if the weather will change soon.
what the metric system uses to measure temperature
Context: Using the metric system, water freezes at zero degrees Celsius.
patterns of weather over a long time
Context: El Paso has a dry climate because it receives only about 9 inches of precipitation a year.
when moisture in the air gets too heavy and settles to the ground
Context: Ever notice wet grass even when it didn’t rain? That’s dew.
to leave and go somewhere safe
Context: When Hurricane Ike struck in 2008, many people had to evacuate Galveston Island.
what the customary system uses to measure the temperature
Context: Using the customary system, water freezes at 32 degrees Fahrenheit.
a prediction about what will happen next
Context: Meteorologists, like Paul Yura, forecast the weather and help keep us safe.
chunks of ice that fall from the sky
Context: Tennis-ball sized pieces of hail fell near Dallas in May 1995 during America’s worst hail storm of the 20th century.
huge wind storms that form over the ocean
Context: One of the deadliest hurricanes in Texas history struck Galveston in 1900
a scientist who studies weather
Context: If you love nature and science you could be a meteorologist, like Paul Yura!
science that deals with the weather.
Context: Texas A&M University has lots of scientists who study meteorology.
snow that melts as it falls
Context: Sleet gets made when snow passes through a layer of warm air on its way down.
how hot or cold the air is
Context: The average temperature in San Angelo is 70 degrees Fahrenheit. In the summertime the temperature can reach over 100 degrees, just like most places in Texas!
a rotating wind storm that touches a cloud and the ground at the same time
Context: The Waco Tornado was the most dangerous Texas tornado ever. The crazy twister touched down the afternoon of May 11, 1953.
One of the five layers of atmosphere between us and outer space.
Context: Weather gets made in the troposphere.
a whirling mass of air or water that makes column
Context: The spinning center inside the tornado is the vortex.