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How Wetlands Benefit Us

Cover-Wondrous Wetlands

Do you know what the word "benefits" means? It means good stuff you get from something.

Here are some of the benefits we get from wetlands:

    1. Wetlands help keep our homes from flooding and our water from getting gross.
      Because they act like giant sponges when it rains, wetlands give water a place to go besides into your house! Wetlands provide natural flood controls.
      They also help filter our water so that much of the gunk gets taken out of it before we need to use it.
      Wetlands benefit us because they help protect our property and our health!
    2. Wetlands give us places to have fun fishing and boating.
      Because they are places with lots of diversity, wetlands make some of the best places to go fishing. They also give us fun places to ride on a boat.
      Wetlands benefit us because they give us places to have fun!
    3. Wetlands give us places to watch birds and other wildlife. Birds and wildlife that may not always live in wetlands love to visit them because there is so much to eat. That gives us more wildlife to watch! Wetlands are great places to watch alligators, herons, roseate spoonbills, and lots of other interesting wildlife. Wetlands benefit those who like to watch all the cool things that wildlife do!
  1. Coastal wetlands help those who have jobs shrimping and fishing. Without healthy coastal wetlands, Texans who make their living by shrimping and fishing wouldn't be able to make enough money to take care of their families. Coastal wetlands give baby shrimp and many kinds of baby fish safe places to grow up until they can migrate to the ocean. Without healthy coastal wetlands, many Texas shrimpers and fishermen wouldn’t have jobs. Coastal wetlands benefit Texas shrimpers and fishermen!


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