Gulf Coast Region Week of June 16, 2021

Sabine Lake
Overall conditions: GOOD. 80 degrees. Speckled trout and Redfish will be along the shorelines or around the jetties and are good on live baits or topwaters. Speckled trout are also in 9-10 feet of water. Look for redfish over shell and chasing schools of mullet and shad. Flounder are good around rocks on shrimp.
GOOD. 77 Degrees. Speckled trout have been good near the bridge as well as along the surf in the shallows on live shrimp. Redfish have been in the pass or along the shoreline and are good on shrimp or soft plastics. Black drum are good around vegetation or structure on crab or shrimp. Flounder are fair around the rocks on shrimp.
Trinity Bay
GOOD. 82 degrees. Speckled trout are over shell reefs and are good on live shrimp. Fishing the birds, working structure and wading the flats are the best methods to fish for redfish and speckled trout. The best place to wade is along the northwestern and eastern sides of the bay. Black drum is good around structure on crab or shrimp under a popping cork. Flounder are good on shrimp around the rocks.
East Galveston Bay
GOOD. 85 degrees. Seawolf Park is a hot spot right now for redfish and speckled trout, shrimp is the best bait. High numbers have been spotted near the jetties. Catfish are good on cut bait. Sheepshead are fair and will be found primarily around rocks on shrimp.
West Galveston Bay
GOOD. 85 degrees. Redfish action is best along the shoreline. The higher the water temperature gets, the fishing tactic will shift to drifting over structure. The top water action has been good for speckled trout and near the jetties along the rocks, some redfish will also be mixed in. Sheepshead are fair and will be found primarily around rocks on shrimp.
Texas City
GOOD. 85 degrees. Redfish are best along the shoreline on live bait. Flounder are good on live bait around the jetties and wherever there are rocks. Speckled trout are good in the shallows along the shoreline on shrimp or soft plastics. Black drum are fair on blue crab around vegetation in shallow water. Sheepshead are fair around the dike on mullet.
GOOD. 85 degrees. Redfish will be found along the flats or shoreline and are best on shrimp.. Speckled trout are good on shrimp near the pass or in the shallow water. Sheepshead will be found around the oyster reefs and rocks and are good on live bait. Flounder are good around the rocks on mullet. Black drum are fair on blue crab, slow bouncing off the bottom around vegetation.
East Matagorda Bay
GOOD. 84 degrees. Speckled Trout are still in the channels around the grass flats. The Mid bay reefs are also a good spot- specifically Chinquapin and Boggy reefs. Redfish are good on soft plastics or topwaters in the morning along shorelines or over areas that have mud and shell bottom. Black drum have been good on blue crab or dead shrimp around structure or vegetation.
West Matagorda Bay
GOOD. 84 degrees. Speckled Trout and Redfish will be found where the bottom is a mud and shell mix and can be caught on live shrimp or topwaters. Wading has been one of the best method to beat the heat. Sand and grass shorelines along this side of the bay have held scattered catches of speckled trout on topwaters and live shrimp. Flounder are good on shrimp around the rocks. Black drum are good on blue crab or shrimp and will be found in deeper water around vegetation or structure.
Port O'Connor
GOOD. 85 degrees. The Speckled Trout and redfish are good in 8-10 feet of water using down south lures with red/white and a black spoon work well or live shrimp. Black drum are fair on blue crab and will be in deeper water transitions. Flounder are good around the jetties on shrimp or minnow. Sheepshead are fair around the rocks on live bait.
GOOD. 85 degrees. The key for finding the fish has been the very shallow water with thick grass in the northern areas. The best way, regardless of the species, is to use shrimp and a popping cork. Redfish are good using topwaters in black or white/red color. Speckled Trout are good on shrimp under a popping cork and are being found around the shoreline. Flounder have been good on mullet around the piers and Rockport wall. Black drum are good and will be found around vegetation using blue crab or shrimp are best baits.
Corpus Christi
GOOD. 84 degrees. Bob Hall Pier and Nueces Bay are both great spots for redfish, speckled trout, black drum, and flounder. If the surf is green, try live shrimp under a float. In murky water, use live or dead shrimp on the bottom for drum and redfish. The Laguna flats also continue to be an active area.
Baffin Bay
VERY GOOD. 88 degrees. It is still holding a good number of trout, redfish, and flounder. The spot to be is the north end of the lagoon. They will most likely be found in water less than 4 feet. The darker colors will perform best when the water is dirty. The flats have been holding good redfish on the East side. Flounder are good on live shrimp around the rocks.
Port Mansfield
GOOD. 86.5 degrees. Speckled Trout are starting to show up but still way off from the quantity before the freeze. Work the weather station and north throwing kwiggler ball tail in sand pockets and grass . Redfish are still scattered but when you find them they can be plentiful throwing kwiggler paddle tail in red and white, spoons and topwaters. Red snapper has been good with light winds and calm seas
South Padre
GOOD. 82 degrees. Speckled trout and redfish have been in water less than 5 feet deep over sand bars and are good on kwigglers. The topwater bite is very good in the morning. The south jetties around Isla Blanca Park or Pirate’s Landing pier are a few favorite fishing locations for jetty fishing- you can find redfish, trout, flounder in big numbers right now and live baits are best to use. Black drum will be in the deeper water channels or around vegetation or structure and are best on dead shrimp.
Port Isabel
GOOD. 82 degrees. Speckled Trout can be found in the grass flats around the lower Laguna Madre or in shallow water where grass is thick and are good on shrimp. Redfish will be found in less than 5 feet of water over sand bars with grass bottom and are best on live baits or topwaters in the morning. Sheepshead are good on mullet around rocks. Flounder are good on fresh shrimp or mullet. Black drum are fair on dead shrimp around vegetation and structure.

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