Hill Country Region Week of November 29, 2023

GOOD. Water slightly stained; 60-65 degrees; 0.71 feet below pool. Bass are fairly active in the morning slowly fishing soft plastics near grass edges and edges of docks. Finding isolated clumps of grass has been good for catching numbers of bass. Quite a few bass are dirt shallow right now in canals and around shallow bulk heads. The bite will continue to improve as the temperatures become colder. Focus on shad imitations and jigs. Overall the lake is fishing well and continues to improve! Report by Carson Conklin, ATX Fishing.
GOOD. Water stained; 60 degrees; 12.84 feet below pool. With the stable water temperatures and stable lake level the bass fishing has improved. Largemouth are good on crankbaits, chatterbaits and senkos on the rocks or available stick ups. Catfish are excellent on live perch or cut shad in Brady Creek. Crappie are good near hardwood, brush piles or in the marina. White bass are fair on small crankbaits mainlake.
GOOD. Water stained; 60-62 degrees; 8.57 feet below pool. Black bass are slow on jigs and on crankbaits in 5-10 feet of water. Crappie are slow around the docks on minnows in 10-12 feet of water. White bass are slow on crankbaits and small jigs. Catfish are slow on baited holes.
GOOD. Water stained; 70 degrees. Bass are good fishing crankbaits off the dams, or the dropshot bite on brush piles has really turned on. If you come across a hard bottom a Caroline rig can land a catch. Report by Aggie Anglers. Small and medium minnows for catfish.
GREAT. Water lightly stained; 55-62 degrees; 25.88 feet below pool. White bass are on fire vertically jigging 1/2-1 ounce spoons in 20-45 feet of water. Some hybrid stripers are mixed in. Stripers are good on live bait or using the same jigging pattern as the white bass. Report by Travis Holland, TH Fishing. Bass continue to be good working rock piles with crankbaits, topwaters, a fluke or Texas rigged worm is doing great as well. Report by Bryan Cotter, Texas Hawgs.
Canyon Lake
GOOD. Water clear to slightly stained; 62 degrees; 19.87 feet below pool. Fish are eating on shallow grass on a rattletrap and a neko rig trick worm. Stripers are eating spooks and swimbaits when they are schooling. Report by Evan Coleman, Big Bassin Fishing.
SLOW. Water lightly stained; 62 degrees; 2.37 feet below pool. Black bass are slow. Crappie are slow. White bass are fair up river around shad concentrations. Blue catfish are good on cut bait and shad. Yellow catfish are slow. Lake is 3 feet low. Report by Tommy Tidwell, Tommy Tidwell’s Granger Lake Guide Service.
GOOD. Water stained; 62 degrees; 0.30 feet below pool. Fishing patterns remain consistent. Catfish are good in 35 feet of water with punch bait. Crappie are good on brush piles in 30 feet of water with chartreuse jigs. Report by Jess Rotherham, Texas Crappie Fishing Service.
SLOW. Water lightly stained; 60 degrees; 88.34 feet below pool. Few reports and anglers on the water due to the limited access and low water level.
FAIR. Water stain; 65 degrees; 49.05 feet below pool. Be prepared to bounce around to find the bite. Bass are feeding on crawfish, so use imitation craw baits over worms. Be prepared to cover a lot of water on the main lake targeting bluff walls in 12-15 feet of water, or the entrance to the bigger creeks on the lower end. Report by Randal Frisbie, Central Texas Fishing Guide. Bass are good on topwater using walking style baits along the shores and over and near grass as the bass are chasing bait up tight. You can catch some in the grass or move out to deep water ledges, points and humps to catch some good ones as well throwing shaky head trick worms or Texas rigged 4 and 5 inch worms or craws and even some deep crankbaits along the walls. Report by Bryan Cotter, Texas Hawgs.
GREAT. Water stained; 65 degrees; 0.23 feet above pool. The water continues to be stained like chocolate milk. Crappie are scattered in 18-24 feet of water in open water with few fish on brush using 2.5 inch ATX Lure Company baby shad with a ¼ ounce Dan’s jigheads. Report by Zach Minnix, Jig’N’Jerk Guide Service.
Walter E. Long
SLOW. Water stained; 60 degrees. Walter E. Long boat ramp continues to be closed. Fishing from the shore or a kayak is possible.

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