Hill Country Region Week of September 27, 2023

SLOW. Water slightly stained; 82 degrees; 0.63 feet below pool. The bass have been biting well in the morning on soft plastics and small swimbaits. There is quite a bit of vegetation showing up all over the lake. Catching a decent number of bass around the docks. As the weather starts to cool down some bigger fish should start moving shallow to feed up for winter. Overall the lake is fishing well and will continue to improve in the next couple of months. Report by Carson Conklin, ATX Fishing.
GOOD. Water stained; 83 degrees; 12.71 feet below pool. The bass bite is improving just as the water levels continue to decline. Check ramp status before heading out. Largemouth bass are good fishing in the few remaining salt cedars or rocks early and late. Flip the salt cedars with a watermelon red senko and throw a KVD 2.5 on the rocks. Crappie are fair around the docks and marina on minnows and jigs. White bass are fair schooling early and late with a crankbait. Catfish are fair on trotlines in the creek on live perch or cut shad.
GOOD. Water slightly stained; 82-84 degrees; 7.83 feet below pool. Black bass to 4.21 pounds are fair on jigs or shaky heads, and 5.84 pound catches on a whopper plopper, crankbaits and frogs in 2-15 feet of water. Crappie are slow in brush piles and around the docks on minnows in 8-12 feet of water. White bass are fair to 1.00 pounds schooling all over on jigs and small moving baits and under the lights on crankbaits and small jigs. Catfish are slow to 8 pounds on jug lines or rod and reels using prepared and cut bait
GOOD. Water stained; 85 degrees.Bass are good on on grass edges, rock piles and brush piles with a consistent bite near the dam. Report by Aggie Anglers. The triple digit heat has been reined in as we wait for the fall rains. Catfish catches on minnows. Few reports on crappie. Report by the Bait Barn.
GREAT. Water lightly stained; 79-82 degrees; 25.03 feet below pool. Navigate with caution as several of the underwater humps are starting to become visible, or are just under the surface. Striper fishing is still hit-or-miss using live bait with vertical jigging and trolling still producing around the limited topwater schools. White bass are showing up more regularly with midday surface activity. The best technique is vertical jigging ½ ounce spoons. Report by Travis Holland, TH Fishing.
Canyon Lake
GOOD. Water clear to slightly stained; 82 degrees; 18.05 feet below pool. The bass are starting to move out of the matted grass and are extremely catchable along the outside grass line. Slow rolling a spinnerbait and swimbait have been the baits of choice. Report by Evan Coleman, Big Bassin Fishing.
SLOW. Water lightly stained; 86 degrees; 3.31 feet below pool. Black bass are good to five pounds on swimbaits fished around hydrilla. Crappie are good on 1/32 ounce jigs fished around cover in 4-12 feet of water. White bass are fair on crankbaits and spoons fished around shallow road beds. Blue catfish are good on shad baited jug lines. Yellow catfish are fair on trotlines fished up river. Report by Tommy Tidwell, Tommy Tidwell’s Granger Lake Guide Service.
GOOD. Water stained; 83 degrees; 0.26 feet below pool. Fishing patterns will hold steady until the winter months. Catfish are good in 30 feet of water with punch bait. Crappie continue to be good with minnows and chartreuse jigs in 16-22 feet of water over brush piles. Report by Jess Rotherham, Texas Crappie Fishing Service.
SLOW. Water lightly stained; 85 degrees; 86.71 feet below pool. Few reports and anglers on the water due to the limited access and low water level.
FAIR. Water slight stain; 81-83 degrees; 51.82 feet below pool. Lake Travis is fishing great for bass. The topwater bite has been good using walking style baits along the shores as the bass are chasing bait up tight. You can move out to deep water ledges, points and humps to catch some good ones as well. Report by Bryan Cotter, Texas Hawgs. Bass are good with nice size fish being caught in shallow water fishing fast with topwater frogs. Fishing fast on the high points starting at the mouths of creeks working back. All public ramps are closed, so plan accordingly. Report by Randal Frisbie, .
GREAT. Water stained; 85 degrees; 11.27 feet below pool. Crappie are great on the same brush piles we targeted during the hot summer months. Catches can be had in 8-16 feet of water with jigs tipped with minnows, but the live bait bite will phase out soon to jigs. With the cooler air temperatures the fish are hungry and feeding aggressively. Report by Robert Stover, Workingman Crappie Guide.
Walter E. Long
GOOD. Water stained; 1.00 above pool; 87 degrees. Bass are good along the shorelines in the first couple of hours of the day, then the bite slows. You can get lucky after that if you find some schooling fish, but fish seem to be scattered around the lake. We are just one cold front away from better fishing. Decker is just inches away from not being able to launch, which is similar conditions as this time last year. Report by David Townsend, Austin Fishing Guide. Bass are good with Texas rigged 4 and 5 inch worms in the grass. Always have some small swimbaits or jerkbaits ready to catch some big fish when the bass begin schooling later in the day. Report by Bryan Cotter, Texas Hawgs. Crappie are good in 12-18 feet of water using chartreuse and black jigs. Report by Jess Rotherham, Texas Crappie Fishing Service.

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