Panhandle Plains Region Week of February 14, 2024

Alan Henry
GOOD. Water clear; 46 degrees; 3.90 feet below pool. Crappie are good in 10-35 feet of water on minnows and jigs. Report by The Bait Shop, Post, Texas.
GOOD. Water lightly stained; 47-50 degrees; 8.04 feet below pool. Fishing patterns are holding steady, but as the weather warms expect the fish to move to shallower areas. Catfish can be caught in 2-20 feet of water. Fish are scattered out. Report by Brandon Brown, Brown’s Guide Service.
GOOD. Water normal stain; 60 degrees; 11.43 feet below pool. The clarity is murky while the lake turns over after the recent rains. Blue catfish are fair and channel catfish are good in 8 feet of water on liver, shad and goldfish. Crappie are good in 12-18 feet of water with live minnows. Expect the crappie bite to improve over the next few weeks with the spawn around the corner. Reports of nice largemouth bass catches. Report by Lake Cisco Rentals.
SLOW. Water stained; 50 degrees; 9.07 feet below pool. Few reports, but typically crappie can be caught in the brush piles under docks.
Ft. Phantom Hill
SLOW. Water stained; 50 degrees; 6.39 feet below pool. Sunny days with a north wind are the best to fish. Crappie are good with black and blue fleck chartreuse tail jig, or live minnow. Bass are good jig, Texas rigged worms or crankbait. Catfish are slow drifting with cut shad or stink bait. Report by Camron Wilkerson, Camron’s Quality Crappie Guiding.
GOOD. Water normal stain; 55 degrees; 46.03 feet below pool. Few anglers and reports while the lake level is low.
Hubbard Creek
GOOD. Water Stained; 50 degrees; 11.82 feet below pool. Crappie are biting good running up the creek channels hanging near brush and trees. Bass continue to be tough working a half ounce football jig, spinnerbait or deep diving crankbait, Texas rigged worm. Catfish are good drifting with cut shad or stink bait. Report by Camron Wilkerson, Camron’s Quality Crappie Guiding.
FAIR. Water stained; 42 degrees; 45.23 feet below pool. The pattern is consistent, but the bite has been hit-or-miss. Bass are fair on minnows and artificials. Catfish are fair on crawlers, minnows, chicken liver and frozen shad. Crappie are fair on artificial baits and minnows. White bass are good, but fish are scattered biting minnows, slabs or any vertical presentations. Trout are good on power baits, minnows, worms, small spinners l, spoons and flies. Walleye are fair to good on minnows, grubs and other artificials. Please be safe out there, watch weather reports. Best of luck on finding your next catch. Life vests save lives. Report by Kenneth Wysong, SharKens Honey Hole.
Millers Creek
FAIR. Water stained; 50 degrees; 8.24 feet below pool. Due to low lake levels few anglers are on the water. Crappie and catfish are slow with a few bites near the dam.
FAIR. Water slightly stained; 54 degrees. 0.39 feet below pool. Fishing patterns are consistent. Bass were slow on chatterbaits, flipping soft plastics in the reeds in 1-3 feet of water. Crappie are good around boat docks on chartreuse jigs and catfish were fair on cut bait and stink bait around the dam. Report provided by the Angelo State Fishing Team.
O.C. Fisher
SLOW. Water stained; 50 degrees; 51.10 feet below pool. Few reports and anglers fishing due to low lake levels.
O.H. Ivie
FAIR. Water stained; 57 degrees; 30.69 feet below pool. White bass are slow. Crappie, fair live bait or jigs. Largemouth are slow. As the lake level drops, be cautious of the trees. Report by Concho Park Marina. Reports of nice catches of largemouth bass but not numbers in shallow water. Crappie are slow in open water in 30 feet of water, starting to move into the rivers. Report by Captain Michael Peterson, 4 Reel Fun Guide Service.
Oak Creek
SLOW. Water lightly stained; 50 degrees; 15.90 feet below pool. Oak Creek has produced some bass up to 12 pounds. The bass have been caught using Alabama rigs and deep diving crankbaits. Report by Bronte Guns and Tackle Pro Staff.
Possum Kingdom
FAIR. Water clear; 50-55 degrees; 0.50 feet below pool. Striper are fair to slow with swimbaits casted along the shoreline. Look for them in 5-20 feet of water. Sand bass are fair to good with small slabs and small jigs are the way to go, but some can be caught using small live bait also. Your best bet is to use deadstick methods using jigs and slabs. White and silver are the preferred colors. Check river channels and large creek channels. Catfish are good using cut shad in 1-6 feet of water. Water clarity is steady at 2-8 feet of visibility. Report by TJ Ranft, Ranft Guide Service.
GOOD. Water normal stain; 50 degrees; 12.73 feet below pool. Bank anglers are reporting a good bite for crappie and catfish. Ramps are closed. Possible to launch a boat from the gravel at Buffalo Springs.
SLOW. Water stained; 50 degrees. 47.03 feet below pool. Bass fishing has been very slow for bass with very few reports of catches. The catfish bite has been fair to good with one angler reporting a 10 pound blue catfish caught on cut bait. Report by Bronte Guns and Tackle Pro Staff.
FAIR. Water stained; 42 degrees; 3.02 feet below pool. Crappie are fair with the best bite at the crappie house. Back bass are slow to fair shallow points near water will be key. White bass are fair. Catfish are slow.
Twin Buttes
SLOW. Water stained. 55 degrees; 32.23 feet below pool. Largemouth bass are chasing shad in 8-12 feet of water fishing soft plastics. Crappie are going to start migrating in the rivers. White bass are up the river for the annual spring spawn. Report by Captain Michael Peterson, 4 Reel Fun Guide Service.
White River
SLOW. Water normal stain; 48 degrees; 19.06 feet below pool. Crappie and catfish are being caught on minnows and worms from the docks or banks.

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