Prairies & Lakes Region Week of March 22, 2023

SLOW. Water lightly stained; 55 degrees; 0.09 feet above pool. Water temperature has dropped after the recent weather. Fish will push deeper but work their way back shallow. Bass can be caught off ledges with spinnerbaits. Crappie can be caught off docks with brush. Channel catfish are biting all over the lake.
SLOW. Water clear; 57-62 degrees; 0.58 feet above pool. Fishing has been slow due to weather. Bass are slow and scattered from 1-22 feet of water. Shallow fish throw small spinnerbaits or chatterbaits in shad colors. Deeper fish dropshot worm or jig. Crappie are slow and scattered because they are sensitive to the temperature changes. Work the outside of deeper docks and brush in 25 feet of water with minnows. Water is clear. Report by Jim Brack, Athens Guide Service.
GOOD. Water clear; 75 degrees. Bass are roaming the shallows and sitting on beds. Throw a fluke or craw worm to get them to bite, or drag a Carolina rigged fluke down and around deeper ledges and grass lines. A frog or wakebait over shallow grass lines has been catching some nice ones as well. Report by Bryan Cotter, Texas Hawgs.
GOOD. Water lightly stained; 58 degrees; 14.20 feet below pool. Just after surpassing that magical 60 degree mark briefly last week, a weekend cold front knocked the water temperature back down. The fishing, although very good, is just simmering, ready to go "full boil" if we can get a warming trend of more than two or three days. Helpful bird activity is still present but diminishing. Fish are now rarely found deeper than 30 feet, on warm, sunny afternoons fish may be found chasing shad all the way to the bank. Fish vertically with a slow-smoking retrieve with white ⅝ ounce Bladed Hazy Eye Slabs for deep fish. For shallow fish horizontally work a MAL Lure. Report by Bob Maindelle, Holding the Line Guide Service. Catfish have been fair. With multiple cold fronts catfish have been largely scattered in varying depths. Shallow water with muddy bottoms from 5-10ft has been consistent with fresh shad and other cut baits. Flatheads have been caught around shallow cover and have been good on live perch. Report by Brian Worley, B&S Catfishing. Crappie bite is improving in 10-14 feet of water on timber using slick baits and ATX lure company shad. Not seeing any crappie in open water just yet. Report by Zach Minnix, JigNJerk Guide Service.
SLOW. Water lightly stained; 57 degrees; 0.85 feet above pool. Bass are slow after the recent cold spell. As the water temperature increases, look for bass to return to beds. White bass are fair in the backs of creeks.
GOOD. Water stained; 56 degrees; 8.42 feet below pool. Crappie are moving in to spawn, so check out docks in the north end with minnows and jigs. Their spawn will move south in the next few weeks or so. Sand bass should be heading upstream to spawn. Heavy rain or cold fronts may push them back into the main lake. Check shallow sandbars and windblown points, especially on the north end, to see if they are active. Largemouth bass should be closing in their spawn. Check points on the outside of known spawning coves using crankbaits, jerkbaits and plastics. All ramps are open. Report by Keith Bunch, Lake Bridgeport Guide Service.
Cedar Creek
GOOD. Water normal stain; 54-59 degrees; 0.03 feet below pool. The bite may slow with the cold front, but fishing patterns are similar. Crappie are good, fish are staging on docks and shallow brush piles. 4-12 feet has been the best depth. Bridges are holding fish as well as they are staging there as well on pylons in 18-24 feet. White bass and hybrids are good in creeks and some mainlake humps are producing fish, in a few weeks they will start surfacing on shad. Use a silver slab and tandem rigged 1/8 ounce crappie jigs. Largemouth bass are good, jigs and spinnerbaits around shallow docks and bushes are producing fish around creek channel bends. Report by Kyle Miers, Lake Country Outfitters.
FAIR. Water lightly stained; 59 degrees. Crappie are good on jigs and minnows. Blue catfish catches are good drifting with cut bait.
Cypress Springs
FAIR: Water stained; 57 degrees; 0.23 feet above pool. Crappie are fair with some fish starting to show up shallow biting minnows under a slip cork. Catfish are good on 15-20 feet of water on baited holes using cheese baits. Sand bass are good in 25-30 feet of water on slabs. Report by Marty Thomas, Lake O the Pines Crappie Fishing. Bass are pushing off beds then returning as the water starts to warm after cold fronts. Target bass shallow in 4-6 feet of water gearing up to spawn on beds. Success with chatterbaits, craws, worms, and red rattletraps. Report by Mike Struman, R & R Marine.
Eagle Mountain
GOOD. Water normal stain, 62 degrees; 2.85 feet below pool. White bass are fair on main lake structures using slabs, and in creeks using rooster tails and inline spinners. Crappie are fair in boat slips and on brush on jigs and some crappie are being reported shallow on jigs. Blue catfish and channel catfish are good on punch bait and shad in multiple depths. All fish patterns are changing with warm and cool days so patterns may change daily. Report provided by Chad Ferguson of North Texas Catfish Guide Service.
Closed to the public.
EXCELLENT. Water clear; 58 degrees; 0.00 feet full pool. The cooler weather dropped the water temperature from the upper 60s to the lower 50s slowing the bite for all species. The bass spawn continues with the bite excellent on shallow points and rocks near the dam in 10-14 feet of water with various shad colored crankbaits, rattletraps, and crawfish plastics. The topwater bite good early morning in shallow water with frog poppers. Catfish are fair, hitting punch bait and chicken livers in 8-15 feet of water, and on tight lines over chum. Bluegill and perch are good on worms and crickets around structures. Report by Weldon Kirk, Fish Tales Guide Service.
SLOW. Water lightly stained; 55 degrees; 4.34 feet below pool. Bass are good and feeding well as the water warms. Baitfish type lures are working best, such as lipless crankbaits and jerkbaits.
FAIR. Water lightly stained; 58 degrees; 1.44 feet below pool. Water temperatures are in the upper 50s to low 60s due to the recent cool snaps. Temperatures will rebound quickly. Golden alga is still present in some areas, but many areas of the lake have improved. Crappie are moving up and can be caught in the shallows on jigs and minnows, some are still in deeper water. Largemouth bass are moving toward their spawning beds and are good on soft plastics and crankbaits. Sand bass are good on jigs, slabs and minnow fished in the river near Tin Top. Striped bass are being caught on live shad and bass assassins near Indian Harbor and near Sandy Point. Catfish action is good in the river above Hunter Park and near Decordova subdivision. Report by Michael Acosta, Unfair Advantage Charters. Shad are starting to stage on shallow flats and will be moving to the banks soon with warmer weather. Catfish bite is slow, but should improve as the weather stabilizes. Cut carp is outperforming shad. Report by Jeffery Sojourner, Sojourner Fishing LLC.
FAIR. Water clear; 55-58 degrees; 0.80 feet above pool. When the water reaches 60 degrees and the shad start spawning the bite will take off. Fishing is hit-or-miss with the rolling cold fronts. The best bite continues to be in the afternoon, from 2 P.M. to sundown. White bass are biting slabs, but when you see birds working throw swimbaits. Fish the edges of flats, drop-offs or isolated ridges in 25 feet of water with ¼ ounce VMC moon eye jighead with a three inch storm largo shad. Target crappie on shallow brush piles. Deeper brush piles can be hard to locate while the water level is high. Catfish are in shallow water feeding on spawning carp and shad. Bass are shallow, look in shallow spawning areas with spinnerbaits. Water is high, so be prepared when launching. Report by Omar Cotter, Luck O’the Irish Fishing Guide Service.
SLOW. Water slightly stained. 55-65 degrees. Recent weed eradication will create pockets of low oxygen because of decomposing plant life. Fluctuating water temperatures are affecting the fish activity. Stealthy approaches, small baits, and light leaders are the best plan for these spooky fish. Bass are bedding in 3-4 feet of water. Bream are moving shallow to begin their summer spawning pattern. Look for spawning beds and try small #8 or #10 buggers. Crappie are moving shallow, try clean banks in 12-18 inches with #6 or #8 wooly buggers. Report by Guide Alex Guthrie, Fly Fish Fork Guide Service.
GOOD. Water lightly stained; 62 degrees; 0.06 feet below pool. Bass are good with some small fish on the banks, and the bigger fish seem to be being in 6-23 feet on brush using soft plastics and jigs.
Joe Pool
FAIR. Water slightly stained; 65 degrees; 0.45 feet above pool. The bass bite is improving as the water temperature reaches the mid to upper 50s. White vibrating jigs are working well in 1-6 feet of water all over the lake. The fish are moving up, but some can still be caught on a Carolina rigged soft plastic creature bait or worm in 10-15 feet on underwater ledges near the mouth of any pocket or cove. A lipless crankbait is a great way to cover water to locate fish. Report by Ben Robertson, Ben’s Bass Excursions.
GOOD. Water lightly stained; 60 degrees; 0.12 feet above pool. Crappie are spawning in the shallows and flooded grass 1-5 feet. Roaming males and females are holding on structure in 5-12 feet near the spawning grounds. Still seeing some 12-20 feet of water on structures as well. Blue catfish are scattered in 5-10 feet of water on the north side of the lake, and some are in 15-25 feet on flats and slopes using cut gizzard shad on Santee rigs. White bass are on the annual spawn in the creek on the north end of the lake. creek. This is a bank angler’s dream, using ultra light gear 4 pound mono and small jigs. Look for fish near the dam and around main lake points 15-25 feet using once ounce slabs in white and chartreuse will put a few on the boat. This time of year can be difficult for black bass while they are in pre-spawn, so cover a lot of structure with Alabama rigs, jigs, and swimbaits. Early in the morning white and chartreuse spinner baits on the riprap or any concrete structures out to 10 feet. Rocky, sandy, or pebble bottom is gold for finding spawning fish. This is pretty much the main time of year when you can find fish on timber shallow as well. Report by Carey Thorn, White Bass Fishing Texas.
FAIR. Water lightly stained; 60 degrees; 0.13 feet above pool. White bass are fair to good on the bottom near humps, points, and drop-off ledges in 20-30 feet of water or suspended near creek channels and flats close by in 34-55 feet of water. Flukes, small swimbaits, slabs, and live bait are working. Keeper sized hybrid striper are slow, but can be picked off every once in a while hanging around the white bass. If you are keeping fish, please be aware that there are a lot of undersized hybrid stripers in the lake that look very similar to a white bass. Catfish are good. Anchoring in 5 feet or less close to the feeder creeks or drifting 12-34 feet with cut shad or chicken breasts has produced. Check near wind blown points, humps, and flats near creek channels if drifting. Crappie are fair in depths ranging from 4-34 feet of water with minnows and jigs. The main lake and feeder creeks are producing fish focusing on warm banks, brush piles, standing timber, rock piles, stumps, laydowns, leaf piles, and bridge columns. Report by Wes Campbell, BendaRod Fishing.
GOOD. Water clear; 65-70 degrees; 2.81 feet below pool. Largemouth bass are on beds and the bite is good out to three feet using Texas rigs, spinnerbaits and chatterbaits. Crappie are good out to seven feet on minnows. Catfish out to 10 feet on cut bait. White bass are good out to seven feet using squarebill crankbaits, silver jigging spoons, and spinnerbaits. Report by Colan Gonzales, DFW Fishing Guide
Navarro Mills
SLOW. Stained; 62 degrees; 0.06 feet below pool. Bass should be shallow on beds biting creature baits, or on ledges biting a Carolina rigged worm. Crappie are fair with minnows and jigs. Catfish are good on cut bait.
GOOD. Water lightly stained; 50 degrees; 0.54 feet above pool. Bass are good out to one foot of water throwing a shimmy shaker and big eyed white jigs. Crappie are good in 1-4 feet of water in Kickapoo Creek minnows, and jigs. Reports of white bass catches in the river on inline spinners and rattletraps. Catfish are very good on baited holes in 17-18 feet, and under deeper boat houses on nightcrawlers. Report by Ricky Vandergriff, Ricky’s Guide Service.
Palo Pinto
SLOW. Water lightly stained; 63 degrees; 6.34 feet below pool. Bass are entering the creeks seeing good numbers of males moving in before the females. The bigger fish should be in the creeks soon. Report by James Moore, North Texas Bass Fishing and Cmoore Striper Guide.
Ray Hubbard
FAIR. Water lightly stained; 57-59 degrees; 0.07 feet below pool. White bass are good fishing flats in 28-30 feet of water adjacent to shallow spawning areas, and suspended four feet off the bottom in some areas. A lot of white bass are spawning and are full of eggs. Reports of white bass in the creeks. Crappie are good in flooded cattails in the creeks and in water as shallow as three feet using cork jigs or minnows. Catfish are around timber areas of the lake in 2-8 feet of water using cut shad and bubbas punch bait. Report by John Varner, John Varner's Guide Service.
Ray Roberts
SLOW. Water is stained; 53 degrees; 0.47 feet above pool. Fishing has been slow due to inclement weather, but this should improve as spring-like weather is in the forecast. White bass are in the creek spawning. Some undersized catches in the main lake. Crappie are fair in the mouths of creeks biting on jigs and minnows in 3-12 feet of water. Bass are fair in shallow water on beds using spinnerbaits. Shad should be on the bulkheads in the coming weeks, but are not there just yet. Where there is baitfish there is game fish. Report by Jim Walling, Ucatchem Guide Service.
Richland Chambers
GOOD. Water clear; 60-62 degrees; 1.88 feet below pool. White bass and hybrid striper action is good with a few reports of fish being caught in 20-30 feet of water main lake points and drop-offs with a slab and jig combination. Watch for the gulls and baitfish to locate hybrid striper surface action using Sassy Shad. Eater size blue and channel catfish are good and can be caught off the bottom with a # 4 Treble Hook with punch bait in 15 feet in the timber off the Richland Creek Arm of the Lake. The crappie spawn is happening as we hear reports of catches in shallow water and around boat docks. Check out the shallow water coves and shorelines on the far North end of the Lake. Minnows seem to work best this time of year! Report by Royce Simmons, Gone Fishin' Guide Service.
GOOD. Water slightly clear; 53 degrees; 2.47 feet below pool. The cooler weather dropped the water temperature from the upper 60s to the lower 50s slowing the bite for all species. Catfish, bluegill, and crappie are fair on minnows and worms at Somerville Marina early morning and late evening. Black bass are fair, hitting slow moving spinnerbaits and shad color crank bait on drop-offs in 6-10 feet of water, and around rocky points. Crappie are fair on the main lake brush piles using minnows and various jigs. Catfish are fair early morning, 2-8 feet of water. Larger catfish are good in deep water on Jug lines baited with shad. Hybrids are fair. White bass are good trolling Pet spoons for trolling or using shad and pencil minnows 6-10 feet of water. Report by Weldon Kirk, Fish Tales Guide Service.
Squaw Creek
GREAT. Water stained. 75 degrees; 0.42 feet above pool. Channel catfish are good on punch bait, minnows, cut bait or hot dogs throughout the reservoir in 22-45 creek channels and ledges. Report provided by Kraig Sexton, Sexton's Guide Service LLC, Fishing Charter, Marine Electronics & Whitney.
GOOD. Water lightly stained; 58 degrees; 12.56 feet below pool. The near total lack of flow in this reservoir has made the traditional spring white bass run a great disappointment this year. With no flow in the Lampasas River, there is no current to draw the fish into the river, nor into the upper third of the reservoir in the great numbers anglers have become accustomed to in years past. Bird activity, which has been helpful in leading the way to fish through the winter, is beginning to decline as birds begin to migrate back north. Report by Bob Maindelle, Holding the Line Guide Service.
GOOD. Water lightly stained; 55 degrees; 0.29 feet above pool. White bass and hybrids have moved off the main lake and can be found at the mouth of creeks and rivers staging to spawn. Getting these fish to bite can be tricky. Smaller crappie jigs with small plastic baits has worked best. The trophy Blue Catfish bite is good. Fish to 70 pounds have been caught on fresh gizzard shad and cut bait. Depths from 6-25 feet are working best. The eating sized catfish in the 1-5 pound range has really kicked off. These fish can be caught in 35-45 feet or 1-5 feet. Punch bait and smaller pieces of fresh shad are working. Crappie are also staging for the spawn, but we are still seeing lots of fish in the 15-25 feet range on minnows and plastics. Largemouth bass bite has improved this week. Squarebill crankbaits and flukes are working but Alabama rigs and swimbaits are working best. Report by Captain Michael Littlejohn, Lake Tawakoni Guide Service.
GOOD. Water stained; 65 degrees; 0.58 feet below pool. Striped bass are fair with the bite hit-or-miss. The bite can be tougher while the fish start to spawn. Fish in 15-30 feet of water on structure or out in open water with Alabama rigs or swimbaits. Report by John Blasingame, Adventure Texoma Outdoors. Striped bass are good on live bait drifting flats in 30-50 feet of water. A few warmer weeks and the stripers will go spawn. A lot of smaller fish on humps in 25-30 feet of water fishing live bait. Crappie are fair on brush in 8-10 feet of water fishing jigs but the minnow bite will turn on in the creeks soon. Catfish are slow anchoring with cut shad in 5-15 feet of water near the rivers. Warmer weather ahead will have them feeding before the spawn. Report by Jacob Orr Lake Texoma Guaranteed Guide Service.
SLOW. Water stained; 51 degrees; 7.80 feet below pool. Crappie are fair along the rocks near the crappie house with jigs and minnows. Catfish are slow off rocks near the dam with cut bait and stink bait. White bass are slow on slabs. Bass are slow with some pushing shallow to spawning beds.
GREAT. Water lightly stained; 61-64 degrees; 5.99 feet below pool. Lake Whitney striped bass limits are good on live bait and Alabama Rigs fished from the State Park north to Bear Creek. Sand bass catches are good upstream on the Nolan and up above Hamm’s Creek. Report by Michael Acosta, Unfair Advantage Charters. Striped bass can be caught trolling artificials, Alabama rigs, live minnow, perch and shad near the channel ledges and on flats. Report provided by Kraig Sexton, Sexton's Guide Service LLC, Fishing Charter, Marine Electronics & Whitney.
GOOD. Water normally stained; 62 degrees; 2.69 feet below pool. White bass are good in the river and in creeks. Crappie are good in the river and in creeks and some catches have been reported shallow. Blue catfish and channel catfish are fair to good in multiple depths on shad and punch bait. All fish patterns are changing with warm and cool days so patterns may change daily. Report provided by Chad Ferguson of North Texas Catfish Guide Service.

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