South Texas Plains Region Week of January 20, 2021

FAIR. Water stained; 54-57 degrees; Red drum are slow as they gear up to start a fantastic spring in late Feb. Black bass are good fishing rocks, drops, and vegetation on crankbaits, Carolina rigged worms, and sometimes bass jigs reeled around 6 feet. Hybrid striped bass are good on rattle traps following schools in open water or into coves. Catfish are good on stinkbait, chicken livers, and cut shad.
Choke Canyon
FAIR. Water lightly stained; 54-58 degrees; 22.21’ low. Largemouth bass are fair. Location is the most critical variable. Weedbeds, Frio river channel, timber, and rocks on rattle trap, jigs, plastic worms, and crankbait. White bass are fair on crankbait looking over the deep brush piles. Catfish are consistently good on larger live bait, cut baits, and stinkbait.
Corpus Christi Lake
GOOD. Water stained; 55 degrees; 7.31’ low. Largemouth bass are fair, reeling slower than any other time letting your baits drop below 12 feet but above 18 feet on worms, spinners, and crankbait. Crappie are good with jigs around structures. Catfish are good on cut bait and cheese bait.
FAIR. Water lightly stained north and clear south; 56 degrees; 39.43’ low. Be careful maneuvering around the lake as many obstacles have become exposed with low water as weather has started to turn towards the winter conditions that make anglers successful. Black bass are fair still working rocks, old structures, shallow structure, and brush. We've had several 10+lb catches, but in most instances, that was the only catch of the day. Try worms, square bills, and thick worms between 8-22 feet. White bass are great deeply moving to rivers and creeks. Crappie are good above brush around 18 feet. Catfish are excellent when hitting coves at their deepest and using live bait and stinky bait. Remember to stay on the Texas side unless you possess a Mexican Fishing License.
GOOD. Water lightly stained; 55 degrees; 0.06’ low. Largemouth bass are good on crankbaits, jigs, and Carolina rigged worms above 15 feet in neutral and natural-colored baits. Crappie are good at suspending vegetation and coming out from under ledges favoring minnows. Catfish are good on stinkbait, cut bait, and live bait.

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