South Texas Plains Region Week of November 25, 2020

GOOD. Water lightly stained; 63 degrees; Red drum remain slow. Largemouth bass are good working rip rap with crankbait. Bottom bump worms along with presenting topwater lures just outside of vegetation. Strippers are fair spotting birds or trolling live bait. Catfish are good on live bait, cut bait, and cheese bait.
FAIR. Water stained; 66-69 degrees. Red drum remain slow. Black bass are good on topwater, crankbait, and weighted worms, mostly in afternoons as mornings are good only at daybreak. Don’t skip fishing the rip rap with crankbait. Hybrid striped bass are good with rattle traps moving quickly with baitfish and little geographical consistency. Catfish are good on stinkbait, chicken livers, and cut shad.
Choke Canyon
GOOD. Water lightly stained; 68-71 degrees; 21.83’ low. Largemouth bass are good on buzzbaits, jigs, plastic worms, spinners, and rattletraps. Look for flooded timber and any drops near them. White bass are fair with minnows and smaller rattle traps staying just out of the river as of now. All catfish are excellent on larger live bait and cut baits.
Corpus Christi Lake
GOOD. Water stained; 68 degrees; 6.95’ low. Largemouth bass are good fishing creeks, rocky banks, and flooded timber. Carolina rigged worms, spinners and crankbait excel on Corpus Christie. Crappie are good on jigs in creeks and under surface cover vegetation. Catfish are good on cut bait and cheese bait.
GOOD. Water lightly stained north and clear south; 73 degrees; 38.37’ low. Falcon appears to be picking up! There is a solid shallow bite, both on rocks and in the hardwoods has started to come around. Black bass are fair. The activity is not as much square bill and deep success as past weeks. Rage craw and chatter bait have been successful in less than 10 feet depth, mostly around 8 feet. White bass are good moving north and are the only decent deep activity you will find. Crappie are excellent. Wait to hit the grease. Fish shallower brush piles just below 10 feet. Catfish are excellent. Hit coves at their deepest using live bait and stinky bait. Remember to stay on the Texas side unless you possess a Mexican Fishing License.
GOOD. Water stained; 71 degrees; 1.44’ low. Largemouth bass are good. The best success is in less than 12 feet on traditional structures using worms, spinners, and crankbait. Crappie are as good in many numbers suspending around 16 feet with jigs. Catfish are good on stinkbait, cut bait, and live bait.

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