South Texas Plains Region Week of January 25, 2023

FAIR. Water slightly stained, 64 degrees. Red drum are fair on cut bait and frozen shrimp around the dam area and Dead Tree Point. Catfish have been shallow staying close to deep water access shoreline, anglers can take advantage of this using frozen shrimp and nightcrawlers. Hybrid Stripers No Report.
FAIR. Water slightly stained, 62 degrees. Red drum have been poor to fair on frozen shrimp and cut bait from the bank and for boating anglers. Blue catfish and channel catfish have been good in shallow water 5-15 feet on cut bait, frozen shrimp and cheesbait. This has been welcomed by shoreline anglers looking to bag redfish and catfish at the same time. Hybrid Stripers No Report.
Choke Canyon
GREAT. Water clear; 60 degrees; 24.15 feet below pool. Bass are slow in deep water focussing on long extended points and humps with soft plastics and Carolina rigs. Most of the hydrilla is gone. Water is low so navigate with caution watching for exposed and submerged obstacles. Report by Scott Springer, Fish Choke Canyon Lake. Bass are on grass beds up river and mid lake in the creek channels. The shallow bite is good dragging a fluke or using shallow crankbaits. Flipping the trees with plastics chatterbaits and spinnerbaits. Some walking dog style baits action on warmer days. Report by Bryan Cotter, Texas Hawgs.
Corpus Christi Lake
GOOD. 62 degrees; 3.86 feet below. Alligator gar are good on cut shad and carp. Catfish are great in 2-4 feet of water on soap baits, cheese bait and nightcrawlers. Largemouth bass are good in 5-10 feet of water on crankbaits. White bass are slow in the main lake while they make the run up the river to spawn. Crappie are fair in 5-10 feet of water on live minnows and jigs. Report provided by Damian Hubbs, Mathis Bait Co.
GOOD. Water stained; 56-60 degrees; 40.28 feet low. Bass are shallow mid lake to the south end on squarebill, crankbaits, chatterbaits, spinnerbaits shallow, senko style baits. Bass in 5-20 feet of water biting on deep crankbait and shaky heads on deeper rock piles and points. North end of the lake flipping into trees will land bass. Crappie 15-20 feet of water over rock piles and timber using chartreuse jigs. Catfish are good in 15-20 feet of water on cut bait. Report by Bryan Cotter, Texas Hawgs.
FAIR. Water stained; 52 degrees; 1.67 feet low. Target bass in brush piles or stickups with Carolina rigs and crankbaits. Crappie are fair in structure using minnows and jigs. Catfish are good throughout the lake on punch bait and cut bait.

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