Practice social distancing even when outdoors.

Please follow guidance from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) and the Texas Department of State Health Services.

Check the status of the location you're planning to fish.

Some fishing access points are closed. As always, a valid fishing license is required and you must follow Texas fishing regulations, which can be found in the Outdoor Annual.

See list of temporary closures and operations adjustments.

Stocking History for Lake Bryan

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Species Year Number Stocked Size
Bass, Florida Largemouth 1993 83,401 Fingerling 
Black crappie x White crappie 1997 80,490 fingerling 
Catfish, Blue 2009 100,011 Fingerling 
Catfish, Channel 1974 120,000  
Drum, Red 2017 164,242 Fingerling 
Drum, Red 2016 207,136 Fingerling 
Drum, Red 2015 53,180 Fingerling 
Drum, Red 2015 53,180 Fingerling 
Drum, Red 1983 39,800  
Shad, Threadfin 1992 2,000  
Walleye 1976 90,000  
Walleye 1974 200,000