Commercial Fishing General Information

The Coastal Fisheries Division of TPWD is responsible for managing both commercial and recreational fisheries by protecting, conserving, and enhancing Texas marine resources. Fisheries management includes fish and other aquatic organisms, habitat and "users" of the fishery. Anglers, boaters, birdwatchers, and anyone who just goes to the beach to enjoy themselves all use our aquatic resources.

Commercial Fishing is any activity that involves taking or handling fresh or saltwater aquatic products for pay or for the purpose of barter, sale, or exchange. Rules and regulations for commercial fishing interests are now available online:

The 77th legislature asked TPWD to provide a comprehensive status of the shrimp fishery in Texas waters. The Executive Summary of that report presented to the 78th legislature is available as a downloadable document: SHRIMP REPORT media download(PDF 4.5 MB)