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During the fall through April, TPWD biologists periodically host one-day landowner workshops about wildlife tax valuation. During the one-day workshop, biologists will provide general overview of the wildlife tax valuation, wildlife management plan development, and applicable management practices. Workshops begin at 8 am with presentations until noon. Upon conclusion of the presentations, biologists will be available to assist landowners with providing management recommendations and developing a wildlife management plan.

To view and register for available workshops, please see below. Additional workshops may be added but dates and locations are yet to be established. If you would like information about future workshops, please fill out the information below and we will notify you as other workshops become available.

*Landowners are strongly encouraged to bring a copy of the wildlife management plan, a map of their property, pictures, a brief descriptions of resources (i.e. water sources, vegetation, habitat types, wildlife), and current management practices being done to assist biologist with making recommendations.

*An email will be sent to attendees at the beginning of the week of the workshop with additional information on what to bring.

*Lunch will not be provided during the workshop. Attendees are encouraged to bring a sack lunch.

*Landowners must have a current 1-D-1 appraisal to be eligible for the Wildlife Tax Valuation

Questions? Please contact Erin Wehland (erin.wehland@tpwd.texas.gov, 512-461-9909), Derrick Wolter (derrick.wolter@tpwd.texas.gov, 512-925-3787), or Kevin Schwausch (kevin.schwausch@tpwd.texas.gov, 512-944-0107).

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