Harvest Surveys

Big Game Harvest

The big game harvest survey tracks hunter and harvest trends for javelina, mule deer, and white-tailed deer at the statewide, management unit, and ecoregion level. The survey has been run every year since the 1972-73 hunting season. Significant design changes happened after the 2004-05 hunting season; results prior to this are not directly comparable to those calculated afterward.

A survey form was mailed to 100,000 random hunters on 29 January 2021. Additionally, 25,000 randomly selected hunters for which we had an email address were sent a link to the online version of the survey on the same day. The mail survey had a link to the online survey printed on it, and respondents could choose to respond by mail or online. Both the mail and online survey were closed on 20 May 2021. 11,101 mail survey recipients responded, of which 2,678 (24,12%) responded online. 1,343 email recipients responded. Only one mailing was sent, and non-respondents were not contacted by other means.

A demographic analysis of all license buyers was performed; the same analysis was done for survey respondents. Fourteen statistics were estimated for each species at 13 different analysis levels, as well as the 95% confidence intervals for the estimates.

2020-21 Big Game Harvest Estimates
Statistic Javelina Mule Deer White-tailed Deer
Hunters 36,65731,037770,717
Success Rate 55.33%29.84%63.47%
Female Harvest 12,369710402,515
% Female Harvest 41.31%6.75%47.22%
Male Harvest 17,5769,820449,933
% Male Harvest 58.69%93.25%52.78%
Total Harvest 29,94510,530852,448
Harvest per hunter 0.820.0341.11
Hunter days 242,290177,5758,717,129
Days per Hunter 6.635.7211.31
Days per Harvest 8.0916.8610.23
Hunters per 1000 acres 0.320.276.8
Days per 1000 acres 2.141.5776.86
Harvest per 1000 acres

For more information on this survey, to receive the full survey analysis or to receive prior years surveys, email hunt@tpwd.texas.gov. Please note, full survey analysis files are not accessible to people who use an assistive device to access information. If you need assistance reading these files let our Hunt Information folks know and they will assist you.