$ 3.00 /adult
Standby availability is at the hunt manager's discretion. All standby's must be present no later than one half hour before orientation time. Orientation starts at 11 am on the first day of the hunt.
Standbys may be available. Please call area to confirm.
Application Deadline Expired: September 15, 2022 1 – 2 people per application
Hunt Dates
Dec 14, 2022 – Dec 16, 2022
Jan 18, 2023 – Jan 20, 2023
Bag Limit
Three White-tailed Deer; Antlerless Only
Unlimited Feral Hogs
Shotguns with Slugs
Hunt Method
Assigned Blind ; Hunters may bring portable blinds however use will be at hunt coordinator's discretion. Hunters will be taken to and from blinds by Department staff.
Available: 14
Fee per adult: $ 80.00
Fee per youth: $ 0.00
Age Requirements
Youth ages: 8- 16
Adult minimum age: 17
Supervising adult minimum age: 18
Last Year
Applications: 627
Permits/Groups: 14
Success Rate: 64%