$ 0.00 /adult
All adult hunters must possess a current Annual Public Hunting Permit (APH) to apply. THERE WILL BE NO STANDBY HUNT POSITIONS FOR THIS SEASON. Selected Hunters must take at least two (2) does before a buck may be taken. All selected hunters must attend a mandatory orientation at Postcard Hunter Check Station on October 17, 2020, at 10:00 am. For more information call or text 512/925-3787. Hunt areas accessible by hiking, mountain bike, or boat only.
No standbys available.
Application Deadline Expired: September 01, 2020 2020 - 2021 Annual Public Hunting Permit required to apply. 1 – 4 people per application
Hunt Dates
Oct 17, 2020 – Jan 03, 2021
Bag Limit
Four White-tailed Deer; Either Sex; Limit One Buck; Buck(s) must have an inside main beam spread of 13 inches or greater (Limit One) or at least one unbranched antler
Unlimited Feral Hogs
Unlimited Exotic Mammals
All Archery Equipment
Hunt Method
Entire Area
Available: 65
Fee per adult: $ 0.00
Fee per youth: $ 0.00
Age Requirements
Youth ages: 8- 16
Adult minimum age: 17
Supervising adult minimum age: 18
Last Year
Applications: 905
Success Rate: