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Texas Public Hunt System 2019 - 2020


Gun Deer - Antlerless/Spike Download Hunt Brochure
$ 3.00 /adult

Be prepared for walks of up to 1/2 mile to assigned blind. Exotics are in limited numbers and may not appear at every blind. Baiting is allowed. Orientation begins at 11 a.m. on the 13th and 1 p.m. for the hunt on the 15th. Orientation is at the Amphitheater behind the Discovery Center at Guadalupe River State Park. Hunters are taken to their assigned blind on the first morning of the hunt; hunters are responsible for getting to their assigned blind thereafter. Hunt ends at 10 a.m. on the last day. Stand by hunters must check into the front office at least 1 hour before orientation begins to be considered for any stand by spots.
Standbys may be available. Please call area to confirm.
Application Deadline Expired: September 15, 2019 1 – 4 people per application
Hunt Dates
Jan 13, 2020 – Jan 15, 2020
Jan 15, 2020 – Jan 17, 2020
Bag Limit
Two White-tailed Deer; Antlerless Only; White-tailed Deer Antlerless Only
Unlimited Feral Hogs; Either Sex
Unlimited Exotic Mammals; Either Sex; Axis, Aoudad, Sika
Centerfire Rifles
Hunt Restrictions
No hunting from outside of blind is allowed. Guns must be loaded in blind and unloaded before leaving blind. You must remain in blinds during specified hunt periods (covered during orientation). Hunter orange must be worn at all times.
Hunt Method
Assigned Blind ; Blinds are either wooden box blinds with a sliding wooden bench that can be removed in lieu of folding chairs that you must provide, or pop-up hunting blind (you provide chair).
Available: 10
Fee per adult: $ 80.00
Fee per youth: $ 0.00
Age Requirements
Youth ages: 8- 16
Adult minimum age: 17
Supervising adult minimum age: 18