Public Hunting Regulations

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Bag Limits

The Bag Limit defines the quantity and description of the species that may be harvested on a drawn hunt.

There may be more than 1 species allowed to be harvested during a hunt.


Bag Limit

Two White-tailed Deer; Either Sex; Limit One Buck; Buck(s) must have an inside main beam spread equal to or wider than the ear tips (Limit One) or at least one unbranched antler.

Unlimited Feral Hogs

Unlimited Exotic Mammals

The listing of additional non-target species such as exotic mammals and feral hogs does not guarantee that these species will be present on all sections of the hunt area. The listing only allows for the take of those species if encountered during the hunt.

Hunt Method

Special Permit Categories:
The hunt method for each hunt area listed within the hunt schedule is shown as either by assigned blind, compartment or guided.

Means Restrictions

The legal means of taking a species during the drawn hunts will be as established by statewide hunting regulations. For example, most of the hunts listed within the Gun Deer Either-Sex category allow the use of legal archery equipment and crossbows, shotguns, centerfire firearms and muzzleloaders of at least .45 caliber to take deer.

Prohibited Acts on Drawn Hunts

Unless an exception is provided for a specific area, activity or time period, a person entering or attempting to take wildlife resources on any of the Public Hunting Lands commits an offense and is subject to legal prosecution and removal from the area if that person:

Access to the Units:

General Conduct:

Hunter Orange:

Vehicles, Airboats and Horses


Trappings and Baiting

Tagging of Game:

Means and Methods: