Kerr WMA: Rules

Phone: (830) 238-4483
2625 FM 1340
Hunt, TX 78024

Contact: Donnie Frels

Dates Open: Open year round, except closed for Special Permit hunts. The office is open 8am - 5pm, Monday - Friday.


Join us at the Lee and Ramona Bass Conference Facility for free discussions on wildlife management and research in the Texas Hill Country.

Information will include historical accounts of the Texas Hill Country, white-tailed deer and grazing management, prescribed burning and brush control techniques.

We will also present updates to research regarding the development of a toxic bait to combat feral hogs.

The program also delivers 40 years of nutrition and genetics research and it's function in white-tailed deer.

For further information and registration please contact the KWMA headquarters, 830-238-4483.
Seminars begin at 1PM

Dates for 2017:

Registration is required.

General Access

Photographers, tourists, bird watchers, hunters, school classes, professional groups, and land managers are welcome to the Kerr Wildlife Management Area. Visitors can see first-hand what is being done in wildlife restoration and research. Guided tours for groups should be arranged prior to the visitors' arrival. Visitation may be restricted or prohibited when human disturbance would interfere with public hunting or research activities.

Unsupervised public use is limited to the main road through the KWMA and to sites along the Guadalupe River boundary. All other use is by special permit or area personnel permission. Off road use is limited by special permits or permission from Area personnel. Fishing by registration is permitted. Examples of activities that require a special permit would be deer or turkey hunting. An example of off road use by area personnel permission would be bird watching. Because this is a research area, control of unsupervised public use must be by special permission to avoid interference with research and management activities. The Kerr WMA is not part of the annual public hunting lands program.

Outreach/Technical Guidance Program

Since 1977, over 1300 tours and seminars have been presented to nearly 50,000 people. Approximately 60 tours and seminars are presented yearly to landowners, sportsmen groups, universities, and others on wildlife and range management practices.

The KWMA is a research and demonstration area. As new management techniques are applied and knowledge gained, this information should be disseminated to the public by various means. One of these means would be through public tours. There should be a balance between the need for research and demonstration. For example, although the knowledge about the effects of genetics on antler development may be understood by researchers, maintaining deer in the deer pens that demonstrate these effects would be a powerful visual demonstration tool for biologists when working with landowners and sportsmen on wildlife management programs.

Consumptive Public Use

Public gun and archery deer hunts by permit are being used as a management tool for controlling and manipulating white-tailed deer and exotic deer populations.

Public spring turkey hunts by permit are also conducted.

Fishing by self registration is available on approximately 2 miles of river front.

Other Use

A 4-mile educational driving tour (paved road) is available to the public during daylight hours. Five kiosks explain management techniques used on the WMA. The driving tour is not available during public hunt periods.

The KWMA is also available to birders by means of conservation passports. Permission by Area personnel is necessary when birding activities are away from the main road. Birders are requested to register at the headquarters kiosk.

Permits Required