Sierra Diablo WMA: Rules

Phone: (432) 364-2228
109 S. Cockrell
Alpine, TX 79830

Contact: Josh Cross

Dates Open: Access is restricted due to sensitive habitat for desert bighorn sheep. Call for details - (432) 364-2228 ext 2

General Access

The Sierra Diablo WMA is closed at all times. Drawn hunters will be advised when and where to meet with Parks and Wildlife staff. Access to the Area requires departmental escort through private ranches with locked gates along the way. Travel to and from the Area by permitted hunters will be accomplished as a group. No Standby positions will be offered for hunts on this area. All hunters will be required to stay on the Area for the entire duration of the hunt. Due to conditions of access roads, high road clearance 4X4 vehicles are recommended. Hunters selected for public deer hunts will be required to camp on the Area. No RV's or trailers will be permitted due to road conditions. All hunters must bring water and other supplies needed for primitive camping. Due to the elevation and extremely rugged character of the Sierra Diablo Area, anyone having physical or medical disabilities needs to consider these factors before applying for a hunt on this Area. The nearest comprehensive medical complex is El Paso, 150 miles from the Area. The Area is located approximately 32 miles north-northwest of Van Horn. Call for more information (915) 837-3251.

Permits Required

Access is restricted. Call for details.