J.D. Murphree WMA: Hunting

Phone: (409) 736-2551
10 Parks & Wildlife Dr.
Port Arthur, TX 77640

Contact: Michael Rezsutek

Dates Open:

Fishing, wildlife viewing and other non-consumptive uses are available seasonally as provided in the TPWD Public Hunting Lands Permit Map Booklet. These activities are limited during scheduled public hunts for September teal and regular waterfowl, feral hog and alligator seasons. A Limited Public Use permit is available for non-consumptive uses (e.g., bird watching, photography). An Annual Public Hunting permit is required for participating in public hunts.


Hunting Permitted

Wildlife Management Areas (WMAs) have rules and regulations for hunting not required on private property. Hunters must possess a valid hunting license, the appropriate tags and stamps, as well as the proper public hunting permit. Permits include: Annual Public Hunting Permit (APH), computer drawn Special Permits, and the Regular Permit, which allows daily small game hunting on some areas. Hunters 16 years of age and younger are not required to have a hunting permit, but must have a hunting license and be supervised by a licensed, permitted adult, 18 years of age or older. Hunters and non-hunters must wear hunter orange during daylight hours at any time when firearm hunting for any species is authorized on the unit (except turkeys, waterfowl, and dove). For more details see the rules page for this WMA, the Summary of Fishing and Hunting Regulations and Public Hunting Lands Information and Maps.

Public hunting is permitted for alligator, waterfowl, gallinule, rail, and snipe. Special Alligator Hunts for adult and youth are scheduled yearly. Check the latest Applications for Drawings on Public Hunting Lands for information. Waterfowl hunts are administered at the WMA check station. Hunters are required to check in and out of the WMA when they arrive and depart the WMA during any waterfowl hunt.

Permanent hunting blinds are not permitted. Airboats are prohibited on the WMA except in Taylors, Hildebrandt, Big Hill and Blind Bayous, and in Keith Lake. The alligator hunts will be administered out of the WMA headquarters check station.

Equipment needed for hunters on the Murphree WMA includes shallow draft boat and outboard motor, proper safety devices as required by law, paddle, flashlight, outboard gas sufficient for 20 miles of travel, hip boots or waders, rain gear, insect repellent, appropriate ammunition and gun. The use of decoys and retriever dogs will add to the success of waterfowl hunts. Use of dogs during the early teal season is discouraged because of increased alligator activity during warm weather. Food, lodging and hunting supplies are not available on the WMA and are not readily available at 4:30 am in the vicinity, so hunters should bring everything they need. Commercial facilities are available near-by. Call the Area headquarters for further information (409) 736-2551.

Annual Public Hunting Permit Hunt Information

Possession of an Annual Public Hunt Permit is required to hunt waterfowl on the WMA.