Chaparral WMA: Hiking

Phone: (830) 676-3413
South Texas Ecosystem Project Office
64 Chaparral WMA Dr.
Cotulla, TX 78014

Contact: Whitney Gann, Project Leader

Dates Open:

General Public Use is allowed uninterrupted from April 1 through August 31 each spring and summer. Contact area manager for additional dates or special events. Public Hunts are available annually by special permit and annual permit.

Area Biologist: Diego Navarro and Lori Massey

Registration is required.


Hiking Permitted

Hiking is an enjoyable activity that is available in many of the Wildlife Management Areas of Texas. Since potable water is not available on many of the Wildlife Management Areas, it is a good idea to bring plenty of drinking water.

Two walking trails, the Camino de Fiero Nature Trail (2.5 miles) and Arena Roja Nature Trail (a half mile) offer visitors the chance to personally experience the South Texas brush country. The Arena Roja Nature Trail is fully ADA accessible. Bring your canteen and watch your step. Exploring the brush country is a dry dusty adventure that can be full of surprises - like diamond backed rattlesnakes.