Matagorda Island WMA: Hiking

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Hiking Permitted

Hiking is an enjoyable activity that is available in many of the Wildlife Management Areas of Texas. Since potable water is not available on many of the Wildlife Management Areas, it is a good idea to bring plenty of drinking water.

Hikers have many miles of roads, trails and beach fronts to reach all areas of the WMA.

The north end of the island (throughout the runway/headquarters complex, extending down the road system to the lighthouse and including the beach) is available for unsupervised wildlife viewing and hiking, during daylight hours only. Note that such activities are not allowed while public hunts are in progress. Wildlife viewing can be conducted either via bicycling or hiking. Guided wildlife and natural history tours will be scheduled periodically. A Limited Public Use Permit (LPU) or an Annual Public Hunting Lands Permit (APH) is required for all persons, except for youth under age 17, who must be accompanied by a permitted adult.

This Wildlife Management Area is one of many wildlife viewing sites along THE GREAT TEXAS COASTAL BIRDING TRAIL.

For information: Texas Parks and Wildlife - Great Texas Coastal Birding Trails