Gene Howe WMA: Wildlife Viewing

Phone: (806) 323-8642

Contact: Brody Larkin

Dates Open:

Open year-round, except entire area closed for special hunts

Registration is required.

Wildlife Viewing

Wildlife Viewing Permitted

Viewing wildlife is an enjoyable activity that is available in many of the Wildlife Management Areas of Texas.

Burrowing Owl at the Gene Howe WMA.

The Gene Howe WMA is open to visitors year round except during the Public Hunts. A permit is needed for visitors. FM 2266 divides the area into two different habitat types. The north area has rolling sandhills and the south is bottomlands.

There are two observation blinds for wildlife viewing. The blind in the south area sits on the edge of the marsh in the West Bull Pasture. A nature trail begins here and winds through the riparian bottomland for a fourth of a mile. The second viewing blind overlooks the prairie dog town in the Middle Pasture in the north area.

The five pictures on this page were taken by a Texas Parks and Wildlife Biologist at the Gene Howe WMA. They show snapshots of the spectacular wildlife visitors can view on an outing to the WMA.
Prairie dogs at the Gene Howe WMA

Prairie dogs at the Gene Howe WMA.

A prairie dog at his burrow.

A striped skunk after an ice storm at the Gene Howe WMA

A prairie dog town.