South Texas Plains

The South Texas Plains are characterized by plains of thorny shrubs and trees and scattered patches of palms and subtropical woodlands in the Rio Grande Valley. The plains were once covered with open grasslands and a scattering of trees, and the valley woodlands were once more extensive. Today, the primary vegetation consists of thorny brush such as mesquite, acacia, and prickly pear mixed with areas of grassland.
Chaparral WMAJames E. Daughtrey WMALas Palomas WMA - Lower Rio Grande Valley Units South Texas Plains

Wildlife Management Areas and Available Recreational Activities
WMA Acres Activities
Chaparral WMA 15,200 Bicycling Camping Driving Hiking Hunting Wildlife Viewing
James E. Daughtrey WMA 4,400 Hunting Wildlife Viewing
Las Palomas WMA, Lower Rio Grande Valley Units 3,311 Hiking Hunting Wildlife Viewing