Big Bend Country

The Big Bend Country occupies the extreme western part of the state eastward generally to the Pecos River. This is a region of diverse habitats and vegetation, varying from the desert valleys and plateaus to wooded mountain slopes. Mountain outwash materials have formed the soils of the Big Bend. Surface textures and profile characteristics are varied. Soil reaction is generally alkaline. Due to the diversity of soils and elevations, many vegetation types exist in the region.
Black Gap WMAElephant Mountain WMALas Palomas WMA - Ocotillo UnitSierra Diablo WMA Big Bend Country

Wildlife Management Areas and Available Recreational Activities
WMA Acres Activities
Black Gap WMA 103,000 Bicycling Camping Driving Equestrian Fishing Hiking Hunting Wildlife Viewing
Elephant Mountain WMA 23,147 Camping Driving Hiking Hunting Wildlife Viewing
Sierra Diablo WMA 11,625 Hunting