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Spike Line Herd

Whitetail Antler Whitetail Antler
Antler Production of 50 Yearlings (Spike-Line)

Since 1974, a breeding herd of deer has been maintained separate from other studies. This herd has been selectively bred to produce small antlers. No formal report on these deer has been published. They have been used primarily as demonstration animals to illustrate how selection for poor antlers can influence antler production. This herd currently consists of 21 females and 14 males. Each year the male producing the poorest antler characteristics is selected as a sire. This herd provides a stark comparison to those deer being produced in the G/E Interaction study in which only the best males are selected as sires.

A large percentage of spikes were produced when spike antlered males were bred to does from spike antlered sires.