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Once your sample is received, your result will show as "pending" until testing is complete. Test results can be expected back from the lab in 5 weeks.

CWD number found beneath barcode


When a sample is submitted for testing, but results have not been received.
Not detected
Means that the prions that are associated with CWD were not detected in the specific tissue tested.
Location or Inconclusive
Means that the test was inconclusive because the exact location on the tissue that is most desired for testing was not located by the laboratory personnel. This can happen when the tissue samples collected from the deer are deteriorated, usually due to an excessive amount of time elapsed between time of harvest and tissue collection.
Means that the prions that are associated with CWD have been detected in the tissue tested and the deer/elk is positive for CWD.

For information on CWD and CWD Management, visit the CWD information page

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