Crevalle Jack (Caranx hippos)

Photo of Crevalle Jacks


Other Names
Jackfish, Commonjack, Jack, Jackfish
Crevalle Jacks are pugnacious-looking fish which live up to those looks. A dark spot on the gill cover and steeply convex forehead separate this species from other jackfish. Strong bony scutes on the tail are common to all jacks.

The average size in Texas waters is 2-5 pounds, but larger sizses are common and 25 pounds is not unusual. The Texas record is 52.25 inches, 50.25 pounds; 1976.
Life History
Spawning occurs in the Gulf and juveniles are abundant in the surft, frequently moving into bays. Small jacks run in schools near structure in the bays. Larger fish run offshore aound the mouths of passes and rivers, but often move into bays in September and October.
Throughout its lifetime, the crevalle jack lives from the shoreline to open waters in the Gulf of Mexico -- moving in and out annually.
Throughout the Gulf
How To Catch
Best angling for these strong fighters is from May to August with almost any bait or lure. Once hooked, the common jack is tenacious with hard drives toward the bottom and frequent straightening of hooks.
Where To Catch
Jacks can caught in most Texas coastal waters, depending on when you are fishing. Small fish can be caught in the surf and large fish run in schools near bridges and other structures and often around mouths of passes and rivers.
How To Eat
The Crevalle jack has edible flesh, but is not considered very desirable for food.