Lane Snapper (Lutjanus synagris)

Other Names
Candy Snapper, Redtail Snapper, Spot Snapper, Manchego
Regulated nongame species - see bag & size limits

Coloration of the lane snapper varies from rosy-red to light olivaceous. There are horizontal yellow stripes on the side, although these may be masked by horizontal blotching. A large distinguishing maroon or dark eye-sized spot lies on both sides just below the dorsal (top) fin. The iris of the eye is red and the tail is reddish inged with black.
Life History
Adults are found primarily in the Gulf waters, near snapper banks or other structure. Very young fish are often found inshore. Average size is about 20 inches although the record is 25". Average weight is 1-2 pounds up to 4 pounds.
Generally found as adults near structure of some sort in the Gulf. Especially near snapper banks, they are found in the company of other snappers.
Norwestern Gulf, North Carolina to Brazil
How To Catch
Usually caught incidental to red snapper fishing on squid or small fish.
Where To Catch
Structure in the Gulf - especially snapper banks
How To Eat
Eat as other snapper.