Florida Pompano (Trachinotus carolinus)

Photo of Florida Pompano


Other Names
Pompano, Cobblerfish
Pompano are deep-bodied fish, grayish, blue on the back shading to silver on the side with yellow beneath. There is a bluish tint above and in front of the eyes. The side of the tail and caudal peduncle is smooth in contrast tot eht similar-looking jack crevalle.

The average size is two to five pounds. The Texas record is 6.25 pounds 23.25 inches; 1989.
Life History
Spawning takes place in the gulf and in the summer the young are present in great numbers in the surf. Fish often move offshore in the winter.
Pompano are common along Gulf beaches and passes where they feed on beach fleas, shrimp, small fish and animals buried in the sand. In September and October, adults move into the bays. These deep-bodied fish flash their silver sides and yellow bodies when they jump in the wake of boats in the coastal bays.
Pompano range from inshore waters to offshore throughout the Gulf of Mexico.
How To Catch
Pompano have fairly small mouths, so baits and hooks should be small. Generally live bait or bits of shrimp are the best bait, although some lures can be successful. Best fishing is in summer and fall, since the fish may move offshore in winter.
Where To Catch
Can be caught in the surf along Texas as well as other areas in coastal bays.
How To Eat
Many consider the pompano to be the most delicious of all Gulf fish, particularly broiled with butter.