Coues' Rice Rat (Oryzomys couesi)

Texas Status
The Coues' Rice Rat has short, reddish-yellow fur and buff-colored underparts.
Life History
They build their nests in cattails and small trees near or above water. Nests are constructed of leaves, twigs, small vines, and cattail, all finely shredded and woven into a globular shape. No information is available on the reproductive biology of these rats, nor are their feeding habits known.
Coues' Rice Rats prefer habitat in cattail-bulrush marshes and aquatic, grassy zones near resacas (oxbow lakes) in Hidalgo County.
This species is a Mexican form that extends into Texas in the lower Rio Grande Valley in Cameron and Hidalgo counties.
Due to continued and extensive land drainage practices for agricultural purposes in South Texas, these uncommon rodents may be threatened by significant losses of habitat.
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Refer to the online version of The Mammals of Texas for additional details on the Coues' Rice Rat.