Vermilion Snapper (Rhomboplites aurorubens)

Drawing of vermilion snapper


Other Names
Beeliner, Bastard Snapper
Regulated nongame species - see bag & size limits

Vermilion snappers look a lot like their relatives the red snappers, but they are smaller and have yellow lines on their sides and a pale belly. The dorsal fin is tipped, and the tails and iris of the eye are vermilion. They seldom exceed 15 inches, although the Texas record is 22.5 ", 5.6 lbs.
Life History
Vermilion snapper are found year-round offshore in the Gulf of Mexico, living with red snappers. Juveniles may stray into the bays. Spawning occurs in early spring.
Vermilion snapper prefer flat areas on the tops and around the bases of the snapper banks to the banks' steeply sloping sides. They are often found in concert with red and other snappers around structures in the Gulf.
How To Catch
Best bait is fresh squid, although they will also eat crab, shrimp, or other small fish.
Where To Catch
Fish close to the bottom offshore near rigs and artificial reefs and around the tops and bottoms of snapper banks.
How To Eat
Eat as with other snapper, although the vermilion is not as popular a food source as it's cousin the red snapper.