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Texas Nature Trackers Get Involved

There are many ways to participate in the Texas Nature Trackers Program depending on your interests and where you live.
Here are the best ways to engage:

Join Texas Nature Trackers Projects on iNaturalist.

Whether you stay in your backyard, or travel the state in search of wild plants and animals, our projects are a great way to document your observations and learn more about them. TNT projects are curated by experts, and the data is used to prioritize our research and conservation efforts throughout the state.

Attend a TNT workshop:

TNT staff give presentations and workshops throughout the state. During our workshops we provide opportunities to learn techniques in the field from experts on how to detect and identify species.

Learn your Target Species:

Target Species are our highest priority for research and you can help us by locating populations. Learn what the Target species are for your ecoregion, study their habitats and range, and see if you can rediscover a lost population.

Join a Biological Inventory Team (BIT):

BITs are a program that connects skilled naturalists with private landowners. The naturalists get to explore private land that is not open to the public, the landowner gets a biological survey.

Compile a missing Species Report:

Conduct your own research on what is missing in your county. Take a species group like plants or reptiles and look up what has been documented in the past. Compare that with what has been documented in the last ten or twenty years. What is missing? Can you document a missing species? Can you see a pattern? Present your findings to your local naturalist group.

Monitor a Population:

for Species of Greatest Conservation Need, we track data on the status of each population. If there is a population of a high priority species in your area, you can apply to monitor the population. A monitoring project requires a TPWD advisor and a commitment of at least two years. Here is an application to participate. If approved, you will receive training on how to collect data on that species from out biologist.

Download the Official Texas Nature Trackers App

Whether you're hiking, camping, birding, hiking, or are simply curious about what you found, use this app to keep track of your sightings, and get expert help from other naturalists.

The TNT App is a version of the iNaturalist App that features TNT projects. You log into the TNT App with the same account as you would the iNaturalist App