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Texas Mussel Watch: Become a Texas Mussel Watch Volunteer

Identifying mussel species in the field is fun and challenging. Most mussel monitoring can take place along the shores or in shallow water, especially when water levels are lower than normal during droughts or during the draw downs of reservoirs. Monitoring can take place incidentally as volunteers encounter mussels, but regular visits (once or twice a year) to a particular water body are encouraged.

Texas Mussel Watch volunteer data can help us determine:

  1. The distribution and relative abundance of different freshwater mussel species.
  2. Changes in the distribution and abundance of mussel species over time.
  3. The presence of exotic mussels.

No special equipment is needed to monitor for mussels, but volunteers must hold a license or permit to handle live animals or even shells — see Shellfish Regulations Other Aquatic Life. Observations may be shared with the iNaturalist Freshwater Mussels of Texas Project.