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Plant Guidance by Ecoregions

Ecoregion 5 – The Cross Timbers and Prairies

About 17 million acres are represented by this region of alternating bands of wooded habitat scattered throughout a mostly prairie region. Rainfall is highly variable in this region, averaging about 25 inches in the western reaches to 35 inches in the east. Temperatures average about 67 degrees. Grassland species such as little bluestem, Indiangrass and big bluestem are common. Texas mulberry, American elm and Osage orange are more common here than they were to the east. In the west, live oak becomes more important, replacing the post oak of the east. Decreasing moisture discourages clusters of trees, and trees form isolated stands. Flameleaf sumac, redbud, Mexican plum and Eastern red cedar become more prevalent. Wildlife is a mixture of eastern forest and prairie species.

Plants for the Cross Timbers and Prairies