Pecan Creek Loop

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Pecan Creek Park
PPWW 049

Call ahead, access to the site is restricted; visitation may be arranged by contacting the managing entity at the address and telephone number provided.
An entrance fee or donation may be required.

From the intersection of US 281 and Hwy. 36 in Hamilton, go north 0.2 mile on US 281 to East Gentry. Turn right and go 0.1 mile to the park along the creek. Pecan Creek Park runs north/south through town along Pecan Creek.

This serene greenbelt has a variety of open and wooded areas decorated with numerous bridges crossing the creek and its tributaries. The creek attracts a variety of birds, with Green Herons stalking its shallows and American Robins bathing at its edge. During migration the area can turn up traveling warblers, vireos and flycatchers such as Eastern Wood-Pewee. Dragonflies abound at Pecan Creek, with Roseate Skimmers, Eastern Amberwings, Blue Dashers and Eastern Pondhawks cruising the banks.

(254) 386-8116

Latitude: 31.7069
Longitude: -98.1198

Fair Park
PPWW 050

This site is open for day use only.

From the intersection of US 281 and SR 36 in Hamilton, go west on SR 36 for 0.4 mile. Turn right (north) on N. Cage St. and follow 0.4 mile. Turn left (northwest) onto Park Rd. and follow approximately 0.2 mile to the park.

Hamilton County's high school baseball field and the rodeo arena are surrounded by the open fields and scattered oaks of Fair Park. These open areas attract Western Kingbird and Scissor-tailed Flycatcher, which perch on many of the overhead poles and lines. Inca Dove can be found scratching through the park's dust. The park's oaks can hold migrants such as Cedar Waxwing. In winter, flocks of Yellow-rumped Warbler and Ruby-crowned Kinglet join the resident Northern Mockingbird and Northern Cardinals.

(254) 386-8116

Latitude: 31.7154
Longitude: -98.1328

City Lake
PPWW 051

This site is open for day use only.

From the intersection of US 281 and Hwy. 36 in Hamilton County, go east on Hwy. 36 for 0.9 mile. At its junction with Hwy. 22, follow Hwy. 22 northeast 1.4 miles to City Lake located on the right.

City Lake is one of the most expansive bodies of water in Hamilton County. Because of its sheer size, the lake is an attractive site for wildlife watchers. It is a good place to see waterfowl and shorebirds. Habitats include xeric scrubland, flooded forest and bottomland forest. These habitats provide for Red-bellied and Ladder-backed Woodpeckers, Red-eyed and White-eyed Vireos, Painted Bunting and Black-crested Titmouse. The moist areas host an exceptional variety of dragonflies, including Black Saddlebags and Swamp Darner.

(254) 386-8116

Latitude: 31.7035
Longitude: -98.0836

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