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Nongame Wildlife

Why do frogs seem to be disappearing?

Scientists do not yet have an answer as to why several species of frogs and salamanders are declining in various part of the globe. Perhaps hardest to explain is why many species inhabiting pristine and relatively isolated habitats are declining. Recently researchers have found that several species in Central America and Australia are succumbing to a fungus called a chytrid, previously known to live only on decaying matter and insects. It appears that the frogs, which breath mainly through their skin, suffocate as fungal infected skin appears to grow more and more layers, making it more and more difficult for the frog to breath. Of course many other factors are certainly at play in amphibian deaths around the world. It is highly likely that chemical contamination, water pollution, ultraviolet light due to reduction of the ozone layer, and disease may have a hand. More research needs to be done to establish probable causes so that actions can be taken to save these amazing creatures.