Pineywoods Wildlife Management

Forest Stewardship Program

Forest are vital to the quality of life enjoyed in East Texas. Clean air, clean water and healthy wildlife populations depend on this valuable resource, and so do East Texas landowners. Anything that effects our forest, from a devestating disease to indiscriminate harvesting, impacts the stability and rich biodiversity of the entire region.

The economic health of East Texas is also unquestionably linked to the forest. Today products worth more than $7 billion each year have there origins in the forest of 43 East Texas counties. But what about tomorrow?

The apparent abundance of trees in the region is misleading. Nearly three million acres in the Pineywoods timberlands are understocked, and for every seven acres of non-industrial private forest land that is harvested, only one acre is replanted.

If you are an East Texas landowner, underestimating the value of your forest can be costly-environmentally and economically. So before you cut, give us a buzz. Professional evaluation and advice through the Texas Forest Stewardship Program can help you realize the full potential of your forested acres.

Beware of those who cut and run

Harvesting trees in an integral part of overall forest management. Poor cutting practices, however, can severely harm your remaining trees, damage the soil, pollute the water and destroy habitat. Through the Texas Forest Stewardship Program you'll learn how to take advantage of good forest practices that protect your land and water, enhance wildlife habitat, ensure the health of the remaining forest and provide for future forest through replanting.

You'll access the knowledge of natural resource professionals in your area who can develope a written Forest Stewardship Plan to assist your management decisions. You'll learn how to avoid 'timber thieves' who cut, damage, and run, robbing you of your valuable timber resources. You'll embark on a course of action that will keep you in touch with your land. Your improvements will yield a vigorously healthy East Texas environment and personal income growth.

Don't let your forest pine away

As landowners, you determine how your forest land will be used, so its up to you to protect your environment quality. The major threats to natural resources are wildfire, the Southern Pine Beetle, erosion of soil resources and pollution from forest management activities. The solution is in your hands and the Best Management Practices (BMP's) program was developed to help Texas landowners be better stewards of their forest. To help protect your land and water. BMP's offer assistance in the following ways.

Sixty percent of East Texas belongs to the more than 150,000 non-industrial private landowners who decide how the forest will be used. Decisions must be made TODAY by those of you who hold in your hands the future of East Texas. The regions continued environmental and economic health depends on your efforts to protect your investment.

Plant some roots

More than 61,000 Texans are involved in harvesting timber and manufacturing wood and paper products. The forest industry is the top ranked manufacturing employer in East Texas. The scarcity of growing timber in East Texas could jeopardize thousands of jobs if landowners do not replant.

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