South Texas Wildlife District

South Texas White-tailed Deer Harvest Data

white-tailed deer in south texas Wildlife district personnel collect deer age and antler data in selected south Texas counties each hunting season. Periodically, field dressed weights will be recorded also. The deer are aged using the accepted tooth replacement/wear technique, weighed if appropriate, and antler measurements recorded as the animals are brought in to local processing plants, taxidermist, and storage facilities.

For the survey, an antler projection must be at least 12 millimeters from base to tip to qualify as a "point". Collecting age, weight and antler data annually on an individual ranch can provide valuable insight into progress, or lack thereof, in attaining deer herd quality goals established under a deer management program. The locker plant data collection that TPWD conducts each year provides a good set of basic measurements for comparison with results from an individual ranch or management association. TPWD also uses the locker plant data when drafting or evaluating changes to harvest regulations. Over 30 years of data from all 30 counties has been combined and averaged to provide some general information about white-tailed in the south Texas wildlife district. For specific county information contact your local wildlife biologist.






buck age harvest chart

doe age harvest chart

buck weight chart

doe weight chart

antler point chart

inside spread chart

main beam chart